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Bridge Sniper - Battlefield 5
Battlefield 2042 Gameplay


22 hari yang lalu

Battlefield 5 makes me crazy...
  1. Mason

    Mason23 jam yang lalu

    Anyone notice the roblox character at 0:55?

  2. Kinda Bool

    Kinda Bool23 jam yang lalu

    I love this game! I bought the latest BF uninstalled it and reinstalled BF1! 😂

  3. The Gothic Protector

    The Gothic Protector23 jam yang lalu

    Hazard zone definitley sounds like it's supposed to be a tarkov style mode which should be great

  4. SirMuffinssaurusRex

    SirMuffinssaurusRex23 jam yang lalu

    good to see some bf5 gameplay

  5. GhostSlayer81

    GhostSlayer8123 jam yang lalu

    Imagine someone return to play BF5 after playing 2042 ..

  6. David

    David23 jam yang lalu

    Jack over here showing off the tank trAck deformation like it hasn't been there since bf2

  7. Connor N

    Connor N23 jam yang lalu

    As a gen1 Xbox one player with a standard controller, the pc advantage is ridiculously transparent

  8. oohhhhh

    oohhhhh23 jam yang lalu

    More! Longer!

  9. Matt McIntosh

    Matt McIntosh23 jam yang lalu

    Really cool to see you using the controller. Im a console player and its just cool to see how good you are with the sticks.

  10. Dylan Spangler

    Dylan Spangler23 jam yang lalu

    Jack finally looks like one of us, when he’s playing on controller

  11. Evan Johnson

    Evan Johnson23 jam yang lalu

    Lmao scoped the hell out of that *dynamite

  12. Ray Holloway

    Ray Holloway23 jam yang lalu

    Wait so they brought aliens to a Tom clancy game

  13. Sssauce_ LBC

    Sssauce_ LBC23 jam yang lalu

    They need to bring back rainbow six Vegas

  14. oohhhhh

    oohhhhh23 jam yang lalu

    Jack playing BF5?! Drop everything, I'm in.

  15. My name is Dale and England is my city

    My name is Dale and England is my cityHari Yang lalu

    everyone's green because you are playing on xbox

  16. BrownsugarAD

    BrownsugarADHari Yang lalu

    2:12:55 I think u were sniped

  17. Kyle J

    Kyle JHari Yang lalu

    You're describing the rumored Battlefield Hub that will include weapons, maps, vehicles from previous battlefield games and that will appear in Battlefield 2042 as a "love letter" to Battlefield fans. How have you known about this 2 years before 2042 was even announced? 🤔 I'm curious who your contact at Dice is haha.

  18. Kazimir Jinkins

    Kazimir JinkinsHari Yang lalu

    BF4 sooo much fun.

  19. Adam

    AdamHari Yang lalu

    If only the gun didn’t take a bazillion years to unlock it for someone who only plays a couple hours a day

  20. Rib Tone

    Rib ToneHari Yang lalu

    Never played Battlefield is it like warzone???

  21. Cherby21

    Cherby21Hari Yang lalu

    870 people had their childhood ruined with an MG42.

  22. Kazimir Jinkins

    Kazimir JinkinsHari Yang lalu

    BF5 looks really good.

  23. Elmin L

    Elmin LHari Yang lalu

    I’m glad their going back to more of the modern day look with helmets, because the players heads have slowly became smaller and smaller over battlefield 1 to Battlefield 5. It makes sniping difficult as well as getting headshots in general.

  24. MadManAz

    MadManAzHari Yang lalu

    This clearly wasn't BF5. This is 2042's "Assassin's Creed-style" map in which you play as your great-great grandfather in WW2 using virtual reality, IN THE GAME like Assassin Creed going back in time to Assassinate Creeds or something.

  25. Joshua Drew

    Joshua DrewHari Yang lalu

    anyone else hyped for squad based vehicle play in 2042?

  26. Zach_the_guy

    Zach_the_guyHari Yang lalu

    Lee Enfield my beloved

  27. ಠ_ಠ

    ಠ_ಠHari Yang lalu

    I really hope the bf5 and bf1 kill sound is still here. It’s so iconic now, they have to have it in every game

  28. Josiah Duff

    Josiah DuffHari Yang lalu

    If you’ve played MCC, they’re going to copy that system for cross platform.

  29. Cal McHugh

    Cal McHughHari Yang lalu

    Literally can't even get onto the damn wind turbine

  30. Grasyn Edwards

    Grasyn EdwardsHari Yang lalu

    I love the vehicle sounds in this games the tanks driving by and the planes flying over sounds so good

  31. K. Herman

    K. HermanHari Yang lalu

    Jack using Snipers like a madman, while I use the MGs like Rambo! 😂😂😎👌🏻

  32. Brody Gallaher

    Brody GallaherHari Yang lalu

    Battlefeild won by a large margin o and don’t argue with me I will destroy you in bf1 bf5 bf hardline and bf4

  33. Hinds15

    Hinds15Hari Yang lalu

    Jack practice with a semi auto....

  34. Larenzo Daniels

    Larenzo DanielsHari Yang lalu

    Too futuristic for me.. but I may like it.. graphics are incredible

  35. dylf14

    dylf14Hari Yang lalu

    With MnK your aiming ability drops when you move your character, on controller your aiming gets assisted when you move your character.

  36. watchmen617

    watchmen617Hari Yang lalu

    Where did you get a next gen console ?

  37. 2024 Jonah Robinson

    2024 Jonah RobinsonHari Yang lalu

    Is there any reason why I can’t get into a public lobby :/

  38. HessianForHire

    HessianForHireHari Yang lalu

    My first game on BFV everybody is invisible. I have to join, spawn, quit, then join a new lobby to fix it. Every time.

  39. bummy88

    bummy88Hari Yang lalu

    reminds me of neon skins from MOHAA

  40. SimplyMadness

    SimplyMadnessHari Yang lalu

    Why does this game look so shitty in comparison to BF1?

  41. William Wallace

    William WallaceHari Yang lalu

    Sry jack but I’m not impressed with Xbox graphics

  42. H3nry p0w311

    H3nry p0w311Hari Yang lalu

    Only you can tell us why you did a 360 jack

  43. xDeathDealer96x

    xDeathDealer96xHari Yang lalu

    does it still work ?

  44. gamer nature

    gamer natureHari Yang lalu

    The best battle feild in my opinion that includes 4.

  45. bush wookie

    bush wookieHari Yang lalu

    Try some kontrolfreeks I loved them back in the day

  46. Cristiano Silveiro

    Cristiano SilveiroHari Yang lalu

    BUGfield recorded... Such a shame a potential game wasted. I play since BF2...

  47. Yoloswagblazeit

    YoloswagblazeitHari Yang lalu

    all those enemies looked like AI

  48. Tristan Lake

    Tristan LakeHari Yang lalu

    Idk night ops is good but there was only one map plus they need to have a one life 6 round 6v6 defuse bomb mode or something in BF cause sometimes I want a super tactical experience

  49. PMP

    PMPHari Yang lalu

    ADJECTIVE If you say that someone is GREEN, you mean that they have had very little experience of a particular job. Jack: using a controller, practice makes perfect. Deep.

  50. james dugher

    james dugherHari Yang lalu

    If you ever need proof that jack is a battlefield creator at heart: 5:00 even panic firing a pistol he does the battlefield tune 😂

  51. Shady

    ShadyHari Yang lalu

    Oh nice, I was expecting pronoun customization with this game. Pleasantly surprised.

  52. Natter Alus

    Natter AlusHari Yang lalu

    Frags nickname should be The Inhaler. So funny!

  53. Jmastives

    JmastivesHari Yang lalu

    What a superb tip!!!

  54. JR216

    JR216Hari Yang lalu

    I've owned all these Battlefield games and Battlefield 1 kills every one of them

  55. Dutch Van Der Linde

    Dutch Van Der LindeHari Yang lalu

    After seeing all the recent comments about this, and with my experience too, this doesnt work, even after doing every single task at the videos ( i saw more than one to be sure ) this doesnt work.

  56. ali reza noroozi

    ali reza norooziHari Yang lalu

    ننه لتشی

  57. Egoat85

    Egoat85Hari Yang lalu

    glad I'm not the only one that thinks this looks a like a mobile game

  58. Zac K

    Zac KHari Yang lalu

    Wish I was still as good on controller as I was when I switched to PC 5 years ago

  59. Landen Brady

    Landen BradyHari Yang lalu

    Will we be able to assassinate players still?

  60. veli2501

    veli2501Hari Yang lalu

    BF4 vids while it's hot please :)

  61. Vaibhav

    VaibhavHari Yang lalu

    I still love this game

  62. TheiBeastyy

    TheiBeastyyHari Yang lalu

    8:35 at 0.25 Speed. XD Jack.

  63. olvano

    olvanoHari Yang lalu

    i think it's real life or it's imposable

  64. Redneck_Moonman

    Redneck_MoonmanHari Yang lalu

    Played BF5 for 3 months until the frustration got to be too much and I started to question why I even played it, but since I started playing BF4 again back in February I haven't put it down. BF4 is everything I love about battlefield and instead of slow paced heavy camping like BF5 it's fast and aggressive. You can't beat BF4

  65. Jorge Moran

    Jorge MoranHari Yang lalu

    I'm here from 2021... were about to get a new modern era BF game.. dont despair'. That heli RPG shot...still sick in the future.

  66. Mathias Kranawetter

    Mathias KranawetterHari Yang lalu

    Everyone is green becuse the game can't load assets fast enough. Happens all the time on the bigger maps on the base ps4.

  67. The Loveable

    The LoveableHari Yang lalu

    If you haven't already maybe try stick lengh extensions for easier adjustments

  68. Luke Eaton

    Luke EatonHari Yang lalu

    No more BFV videos please Jack. Cheers

  69. Xavier Lopez

    Xavier LopezHari Yang lalu

    I am the only person that doesn’t like this game.

  70. CoD Bot

    CoD BotHari Yang lalu

    Jack: I’m not very good at making those fine adjustments Me, an Xbox player my entire life: Same

  71. goatrip69

    goatrip69Hari Yang lalu

    That pop-up at 0:40 lol

  72. IzaDevile

    IzaDevileHari Yang lalu

    I’m hesitant tp but the game because of cheaters! Smth makes me think new bf will be filled with those

  73. Von Spina

    Von SpinaHari Yang lalu

    Good Kills

  74. Altair 57

    Altair 57Hari Yang lalu

    Everybody saying what jack is doing but nobody is asking how jack is doing...


    FOREMAN DAVEHari Yang lalu

    Hi Jack from the future.

  76. Joey Esteves

    Joey EstevesHari Yang lalu

    I play on xbox series x and I've noticed in many games, especially destiny 2, but also COD, that aim assist is often a detriment. I can't explain how many times I've killed myself with a grenade or rocket launcher because a closer enemy crossed my gun while I aimed far away lol. I play with the lowest aim assist setting and the dynamic sway. It's not so sticky as to pull my aim away from where I want it, especially up close. Then, when I am shooting at range, particularly sniping, I get just the slightest hitch which really helps when you have to kinda drag snipe. I know the advantage aim assist gives, but I like more control over my aim. It's about micro vs macro inputs on the control. Aim assist will steer you onto a target, but I want a headshot and not just a shot at the closest hitbox.

  77. mark shenoda

    mark shenodaHari Yang lalu

    They are green because you're playing on xbox dah!


    PANZERFAUSTHari Yang lalu


  79. Ethan Bale

    Ethan BaleHari Yang lalu

    Jack, play some beloved BF1