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Baron Zemo's Comic Origins
X-Women | Top 10

X-Women | Top 10

21 hari yang lalu

  1. Natasha

    Natasha13 jam yang lalu


  2. Hollyfreehole !

    Hollyfreehole !13 jam yang lalu

    Ok, enough internet for today 😂😂😂

  3. Juan Lua

    Juan Lua13 jam yang lalu

    Marvel really click baiting us right now

  4. Always watching

    Always watching13 jam yang lalu

    I'm sure it's very convenient for the costume designers that Marvel is adapting a character who fights ninjas during a time when wearing masks is public protocol.

  5. Samwise Gamgee

    Samwise Gamgee13 jam yang lalu

    Who are you ? Mephisto. Mephisto Skywalker

  6. Amaan Mohammed

    Amaan Mohammed13 jam yang lalu


  7. Trapison Rae

    Trapison Rae13 jam yang lalu

    Why r the subtitles in Korean

  8. Siren of the Seven Seas

    Siren of the Seven Seas13 jam yang lalu

    Asian Representation!!! Feels great to finally have our first Asian-led superhero film!

  9. Diana C

    Diana C13 jam yang lalu

    This looks AMAZING’n

  10. Duncan Spurs

    Duncan Spurs13 jam yang lalu

    I like that this dude looks like an average Asian dude. Makes it more realistic than an Asian dude who looks like a model

  11. 刘g

    刘g13 jam yang lalu


  12. MineTool 12

    MineTool 1213 jam yang lalu

    The show is called "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" but now it should be called "Zemo", because he outshined both of them in this show.

  13. Sen is Tipsy VR

    Sen is Tipsy VR13 jam yang lalu

    "So what's your superpower?" Shang Chi: "I know kungfu"

  14. Daren Abney

    Daren Abney13 jam yang lalu

    Looks amazing! So excited for more MCU in my life!!

  15. Vibhav J

    Vibhav J13 jam yang lalu

    Finally it's ending in two days time.😭

  16. flailflailflail

    flailflailflail13 jam yang lalu

    Here come the Asian jokes. 🙄

  17. Kabir Singh

    Kabir Singh13 jam yang lalu

    If mortal combat was made in Marvel 😂😂

  18. Nikhil Kurtkoti

    Nikhil Kurtkoti13 jam yang lalu

    This movie will be amazing for sure

  19. SAINA Juneja

    SAINA Juneja13 jam yang lalu

    Even tiger Shroff can do all this... Asian means Indian too... Well good job marvel ❤️


    ANIME FRENZY13 jam yang lalu

    Give that old hand to rocket 😂

  21. Baked Bean

    Baked Bean13 jam yang lalu

    His acting is amazing! Hate John Walker , but I really loved how he managed to portray him omg.

  22. Faith Bray

    Faith Bray13 jam yang lalu


  23. Shekhar Kumar

    Shekhar Kumar13 jam yang lalu

    Daredevil vs him. 😈

  24. Dedy Arliansyah

    Dedy Arliansyah13 jam yang lalu

    Harusnya joe taslim sih

  25. 12D16Govind V

    12D16Govind V13 jam yang lalu

    This crap looks like it's made by the DCEU

  26. Padraig Finbar

    Padraig Finbar13 jam yang lalu

    The memories... a much younger time...

  27. Big winz

    Big winz13 jam yang lalu

    This looks awful. Are people really just excited for any superhero movie these days? I've got nothing against the genre, there have been some excellent superhero movies in the past 20 years, but people are way too excited for this and Suicide Squad. They both have extremely underwhelming trailers but peoples reactions to them would make you think they are Infinity War or something.

  28. The Doctor

    The Doctor13 jam yang lalu

    Crouching tiger hidden Ant Man

  29. Samuel Joshua

    Samuel Joshua13 jam yang lalu

    Unexpected but not unwelcomed

  30. SlowDown MJ

    SlowDown MJ13 jam yang lalu

    Next Lavel

  31. Christopher Ortega

    Christopher Ortega13 jam yang lalu

    That lady doing those cool spins. This movie is going to be next level

  32. Dave R

    Dave R13 jam yang lalu

    So 9.3.2021 actually means 3/9/2021, right? September, not March?

  33. 12D16Govind V

    12D16Govind V13 jam yang lalu

    Well, this sucks

  34. Leo Jenn

    Leo Jenn13 jam yang lalu

    basically jackie chan’s origin story

  35. Pinkesh Gamer

    Pinkesh Gamer13 jam yang lalu

    This is a alternate timeline

  36. Sayla

    Sayla13 jam yang lalu

    I know i hear Jacksons voice in that ost. good for him.

  37. Br4ss_Crusader

    Br4ss_Crusader13 jam yang lalu

    So does that mean we might get an agents of atlas movie as well?

  38. Always watching

    Always watching13 jam yang lalu

    The brown hanging lamp at 0:05 looks like the UFO over the plateau on the poster of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Fake Alien disclosure incoming.

  39. Mr. Dor Studio

    Mr. Dor Studio13 jam yang lalu

    Lady: WE made a good team

  40. Herman Rawi

    Herman Rawi13 jam yang lalu

    Of course Awkwafina 😆. She just stole the trailer

  41. kalynnecon

    kalynnecon13 jam yang lalu

    Rather be Zemo'd than Rick rolled any day.

  42. the warion

    the warion13 jam yang lalu

    Looks ok hopefully it dosent go all political am i rigth disney will never do such a thing.

  43. Wonho Bubbles

    Wonho Bubbles13 jam yang lalu


  44. Khaja Syed

    Khaja Syed13 jam yang lalu

    Mean while some people in comments China is Asia. Russia, mangolia, Afghanistan,Pakistan,India are in Europe

  45. Yoki

    Yoki13 jam yang lalu

    Katy : Who r u? Dude : (i think she will notice me that i am one of mega-super heroes if i do some cool pose) *does the pose Katy : So.. who r u?

  46. Itz_Ez

    Itz_Ez13 jam yang lalu

    lady:Who are you?! him:*Intense music *

  47. Vishal Kannojiya

    Vishal Kannojiya13 jam yang lalu

    Epic show

  48. Barajas Eli

    Barajas Eli13 jam yang lalu

    So many swamp rats in the trailer 🤮

  49. Mas GandEn 22

    Mas GandEn 2213 jam yang lalu

    hello, my name is azzahra from indonesia .. don't forget to stop by yaa👍👍👍 I love you all💝💝💖💖💖💗💗💗💓💓

  50. qwertylicious

    qwertylicious13 jam yang lalu

    0:34 Minecr-

  51. William Kim

    William Kim13 jam yang lalu

    Wheres Kimchi

  52. Jon

    Jon13 jam yang lalu

    If they were smart they would incorporate the mandarin as the creator of boogeyman virus that were hiding in our basement from.

  53. Furkan Diechioco

    Furkan Diechioco13 jam yang lalu

    1:33"you know who i am"

  54. Jon Athan Pineda

    Jon Athan Pineda14 jam yang lalu

    Pretty not good ULTRAMAN vs seven bruh there are brother are you blind

  55. Ben Henderson

    Ben Henderson14 jam yang lalu

    Heh, Seinfeld 😏

  56. The real McCoy

    The real McCoy14 jam yang lalu

    I am there day ☝️

  57. sony josphin

    sony josphin14 jam yang lalu

    Release date?

  58. T. Veera Manikantha Rayudu

    T. Veera Manikantha Rayudu14 jam yang lalu

    Falcon in the thumbnail be like: HeHe BOI

  59. Isha Mathew

    Isha Mathew14 jam yang lalu

    My favorite marvel character is Scarlett witch and black widow

  60. My Biography

    My Biography14 jam yang lalu

    I like this series so much. It's too short and I need much more.

  61. ᄒ

    14 jam yang lalu

    Jackson on the soundtrack??? OMFG.

  62. Chethan chethan

    Chethan chethan14 jam yang lalu

    It will be beated by KGF

  63. Docta G

    Docta G14 jam yang lalu

    💤💤 😴😴 yaaawwwn that’s y it’s being released in Sept 😂😂


    SALAD BAR14 jam yang lalu

    I miss Jackie Chan movies, glad Disneys picking up on that market

  65. Cricket Life

    Cricket Life14 jam yang lalu

    Dont give me hope!

  66. Matthew Whitmore

    Matthew Whitmore14 jam yang lalu

    The only problem here is Aquafina 😂


    SPARSH SINGH14 jam yang lalu


  68. Mark Jhonsen Bognot

    Mark Jhonsen Bognot14 jam yang lalu

    Oh My god... Sisu

  69. winter

    winter14 jam yang lalu

    Lovee this

  70. Ivan Chang

    Ivan Chang14 jam yang lalu

    As a Taiwanese, I swear I am gonna make super KongFu hero clan movies. And I will make Will Ferrell a Kong Fu master from the West. Please anticipate that!


    SUNITA MISHRA14 jam yang lalu

    10k karens have disliked this video

  72. Yennie Jung

    Yennie Jung14 jam yang lalu

    I am groot

  73. nevertrolled

    nevertrolled14 jam yang lalu

    Okay, so Guillermo appears in the movie and also here. Double the prize then, I take it.

  74. xlexym x

    xlexym x14 jam yang lalu

    what if uncle ben never died?

  75. CTmillion

    CTmillion14 jam yang lalu


  76. Vivian Im

    Vivian Im14 jam yang lalu

    Jackson voice fits perfectly.

  77. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty14 jam yang lalu

    1:40. So Badass Taskmaster.💀🆚️🕷

  78. Essi Kah

    Essi Kah14 jam yang lalu

    Season 2 please!!!!

  79. Simranjit Singh

    Simranjit Singh14 jam yang lalu