Youth With You
Youth With You
Youth With You

  1. Seher Ceylan

    Seher Ceylan47 menit yang lalu

    Lisa so cool so cute💖🔥

  2. jestt

    jesttJam Yang lalu

    the title should be renamed: "7 kindergarten children dancing to domisticator for 4 minutes straight" 😩

  3. Sky Lie

    Sky LieJam Yang lalu

    Lisa learned this dance in just 1 hour :)

  4. jestt

    jesttJam Yang lalu

    Sun Yihang is like a baby here lmao 😭 so cute

  5. Francine Pasamonte

    Francine PasamonteJam Yang lalu

    I love him so much 💓😭. I'll continue to support him no matter what!!

  6. Romina Amparo Ventura Quispe

    Romina Amparo Ventura Quispe2 jam yang lalu

    Cuando lo vi por primera vez me sorprendí y me llamó mucha la atención, literal sus facciones son muy bonitas, sin duda alguna en mi opinión, es el más guapo de todos los chicos de allí

  7. tanya m

    tanya m2 jam yang lalu

    Lisa's dance makes it looks so easy. but in fact it harder to dance and make it look cool.

  8. นิศานาท ณัฐพิเชฐคุณ

    นิศานาท ณัฐพิเชฐคุณ2 jam yang lalu

    Liza is the best mentor

  9. Jey-Min

    Jey-Min2 jam yang lalu


  10. Vidhi Saini

    Vidhi Saini2 jam yang lalu

    Tony literally cried after this. I just want him to know that the mentors care about him and want him to not be lost and take the first place lightly. The other trainees are improving and can take the first place from him so he should be more careful. I wanted him to know that but I guess it's too late now😭

  11. lenQb

    lenQb2 jam yang lalu

    What a waste now that we can’t see the performance

  12. Nareepat Siwatdumrong

    Nareepat Siwatdumrong2 jam yang lalu


  13. Melica

    Melica2 jam yang lalu

    But hes filppin handsome???......

  14. 17 Svt

    17 Svt2 jam yang lalu


  15. ชาญชัย ศรีเบ็ญจา

    ชาญชัย ศรีเบ็ญจา2 jam yang lalu

    So greates

  16. • NTr•

    • NTr•2 jam yang lalu

    Miss you Lou Yizhou ❤️🥺

  17. Sereia

    Sereia2 jam yang lalu

    Meanwhile 0:33 Waston and Nanjun in their own world

  18. eissa villanueva

    eissa villanueva2 jam yang lalu

    Camping here, since I haven't seen him for a week already. 🥺

  19. eissa villanueva

    eissa villanueva3 jam yang lalu

    Camping here, since I haven't seen him for a week already. 🥺

  20. Yawen Ling

    Yawen Ling3 jam yang lalu


  21. p p

    p p3 jam yang lalu

    Love lisa😘😘😘

  22. Safari moonlight

    Safari moonlight3 jam yang lalu

    My friend and my sister said I can’t get 90 or 90+ subs I know u guys can prove that they’re wrong

  23. SNH48 TeamSII Liu zengyan

    SNH48 TeamSII Liu zengyan3 jam yang lalu


  24. zahra zee24

    zahra zee243 jam yang lalu

    lisa loushi <3

  25. shannen ccy

    shannen ccy3 jam yang lalu


  26. Jessika

    Jessika3 jam yang lalu

    i want to see YIZHOU

  27. Jessica Liu

    Jessica Liu3 jam yang lalu


  28. 가비

    가비3 jam yang lalu

    Lisa is so cute 💗

  29. Napolala

    Napolala3 jam yang lalu

    Liu qi please debut soon!! 🥰

  30. Hiếu Hiền

    Hiếu Hiền4 jam yang lalu

    IDport just deleted 200 vi.ews

  31. RD dance channel

    RD dance channel4 jam yang lalu

    Idk why but I was smiling the whole time❤️ Ps. A small IDportr here 🥺😭

  32. Lan Anh Hà

    Lan Anh Hà4 jam yang lalu

    Day 7 Yizhou I miss you :(

  33. Jessika

    Jessika4 jam yang lalu


  34. mymombaby mnk

    mymombaby mnk4 jam yang lalu

    Crayon he so cute. I miss you .

  35. Jessika

    Jessika4 jam yang lalu


  36. Jessika

    Jessika4 jam yang lalu


  37. Jessika

    Jessika4 jam yang lalu


  38. Jessika

    Jessika4 jam yang lalu


  39. Jessika

    Jessika4 jam yang lalu


  40. Jessika

    Jessika4 jam yang lalu


  41. Jessika

    Jessika4 jam yang lalu


  42. mymombaby mnk

    mymombaby mnk4 jam yang lalu

    Miss you Crayon.

  43. mymombaby mnk

    mymombaby mnk4 jam yang lalu

    Miss you Crayon.

  44. 宁龙NingLong

    宁龙NingLong4 jam yang lalu

    when I come back looking vdo I happy and hhhh so I hope this team come back soon 🤗⛵💞

  45. 阿田糸

    阿田糸4 jam yang lalu

    210514 Happy Birthday Neil !!

  46. jisoo gen 3 queen

    jisoo gen 3 queen4 jam yang lalu

    really miss you.

  47. Niccold

    Niccold4 jam yang lalu

    11.37PM 14/5/2021

  48. Niccold

    Niccold4 jam yang lalu

    11.35PM 14/5/2021

  49. derya koymen

    derya koymen4 jam yang lalu

    Quenn Lisaa

  50. Kcbg

    Kcbg4 jam yang lalu

    Despite or maybe because of her mentoring, they all dance like girls, i.e. uncoordinated girls.. No WYB in this bunch, I'm afraid.

  51. my love bts

    my love bts4 jam yang lalu


  52. Madi

    Madi5 jam yang lalu


  53. Niccold

    Niccold5 jam yang lalu

    11.26PM 14/5/2021

  54. nisa nabila

    nisa nabila5 jam yang lalu

    Aahhh after what happened to ywy 3 . I come back here just to watch and listen to this lagendary stage ❤️ i love ywy 2 ..

  55. 宁龙NingLong

    宁龙NingLong5 jam yang lalu

    Luo yizhou and xingxing debt together I hope after everything good for tream debet ⛵💞🤗

  56. Fat Cat

    Fat Cat5 jam yang lalu

    Imagine if Xu Kun was just slightly shorter than the girls in heels...won’t that be awkward 👁👄👁

  57. Mona Lisa Kinda Lisa

    Mona Lisa Kinda Lisa5 jam yang lalu

    Kingston has verify Charistamic stage presence. He is just so appealing to eyes. He must debut

  58. TABITA S

    TABITA S5 jam yang lalu

    Where Xing Xing in this episode? Why i can't found him ?

  59. ei0072233

    ei00722335 jam yang lalu

    Where are you now i miss you so much.

  60. แม่มด แม่มด

    แม่มด แม่มด5 jam yang lalu

    You are so cool, jaiyo*.*

  61. Eissa May Villanueva

    Eissa May Villanueva6 jam yang lalu

    camping on all Yizhou's focus cam because I miss him. Who is with me?

  62. Nicole Fajardo

    Nicole Fajardo6 jam yang lalu


  63. Lau Chun Fai

    Lau Chun Fai6 jam yang lalu

    The haters being too harsh and ridiculous towards tony. Just because you want your beloved contestant to debut and you chose to hurt others. Basically they have wasted all Tony fans effort and money to vote for him entire competition. To be honest, no one should debut for this time around will be the fair result

  64. Susami Watani

    Susami Watani6 jam yang lalu

    Miss Xiaolian 💜😣

  65. Roxan Fines

    Roxan Fines6 jam yang lalu

    I miss you Tonyyy😭

  66. Susami Watani

    Susami Watani6 jam yang lalu

    We miss you 💜

  67. Aas

    Aas6 jam yang lalu

    期待 XIN Pd in Born to Dance!!!!

  68. BasicBitch

    BasicBitch7 jam yang lalu

    The title- 💀

  69. superb fls

    superb fls7 jam yang lalu

    還我成團夜 姜濱

  70. superb fls

    superb fls7 jam yang lalu


  71. Adekunle Omorinola

    Adekunle Omorinola7 jam yang lalu


  72. TheAmamii

    TheAmamii7 jam yang lalu

    I miss you my Baobei 🌸

  73. minisung

    minisung7 jam yang lalu

    2:33 im sorry but the sound effects is sending sjkfhkdjs

  74. Wameedh azawi

    Wameedh azawi7 jam yang lalu

    What is the name of this band please

  75. Non Pham

    Non Pham7 jam yang lalu

    Luo Yizhou is like a pure boy but he has skills to become an idol: visual, dancing, rap, singing and his charisma on stage. I really like his personality: excellent but still humble, sincere. Hope that he could debut and more ppl can see him on stage!

  76. Simply Vanessa

    Simply Vanessa7 jam yang lalu

    Its true that those who plan evil will never win.

  77. Simply Vanessa

    Simply Vanessa7 jam yang lalu

    Thats why tony has that confidence when he says he will broke the rules. Because his doing illegal just to win the show.