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  1. Sebastian Dosiciuc

    Sebastian Dosiciuc10 jam yang lalu

    We are sinking!!!! -What are you sinking about?

  2. Adhiyaksa Kurnia nugraha

    Adhiyaksa Kurnia nugraha11 jam yang lalu

    Respet to guardiola and thomas tuchel

  3. Didier Dido

    Didier Dido11 jam yang lalu

    Its a good addition on the base he is playing in a very competitive league,however for the long term (which is always best) it will be good for Malaysia to have more local players playing professionally abroad just like Korean/Japanese did 20 yrs ago by sending their most talented young players in teams in Europe and also restructure the local leagues,thats only how improvements will be requires excellent long term planning,right people at right places and tons of patience!

  4. Jef Li

    Jef Li11 jam yang lalu

    Sunyi Je Padang Bola.. Kemana Peminat Bola" Laaa Baru La Ingat Musim Pkp Masih Lagi Sbb Tu Peminat Tak Dpt Penuhkan Stadium Hehehe

  5. Kacper Plata

    Kacper Plata12 jam yang lalu

    Good luck Ramos at new Club God Bless you ๐Ÿ’ชGreat Defender Best all Time ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ™

  6. GameFever

    GameFever13 jam yang lalu

    Barca donโ€™t give f about you lord red card

  7. Rizali Ali

    Rizali Ali13 jam yang lalu


  8. Debasish Sharma

    Debasish Sharma14 jam yang lalu

    Impossible for Barca fans to accept him as a player

  9. phone c

    phone c14 jam yang lalu

    he choose the wrong country to represent

  10. Promise egbanwekoyo

    Promise egbanwekoyo14 jam yang lalu

    Still here after three weeks... Amazing

  11. Cotton Cube

    Cotton Cube17 jam yang lalu

    Neymar cry bot