Why I'm Coming Back To YouTube
The End.

The End.

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  1. TheRealest Asian

    TheRealest Asian5 jam yang lalu

    Lex has the most contagious laugh I’ve ever heard 😂

  2. Mahmoud Ahmed6k

    Mahmoud Ahmed6k6 jam yang lalu

    Little did he know

  3. Jason Lee

    Jason Lee6 jam yang lalu

    Finishing up my custom pc build to play custom zombies inspired by this man lol. Love your content I’ve been watching for about 8 years. Thanks for the good laughs Noah. We love you dude❤️

  4. MoodyGaming

    MoodyGaming6 jam yang lalu

    Noah should make a list with links to every one of his custom zombies videos with links to each spreadsheet for the Easter eggs

  5. Rydo1415 is og

    Rydo1415 is og6 jam yang lalu

    POV the vid has been out for 2

  6. Kleats Clips

    Kleats Clips6 jam yang lalu

    What in the world is cdl

  7. phyllip dussault

    phyllip dussault6 jam yang lalu

    Where can i find that ma ???

  8. Tomb Keeper 203

    Tomb Keeper 2036 jam yang lalu

    The voice with the time freeze XXXDDDD "okay zombies.. les see you get me now" XXXXXXXDDDDDDDDD

  9. Nicholas Gambrel

    Nicholas Gambrel6 jam yang lalu

    Noah let me pull of the spreadsheet and fix my hairline 456 😂

  10. Lamar Williams

    Lamar Williams7 jam yang lalu

    Nobody doesn't see that the zombie denter fly a away

  11. Mitchell Davis

    Mitchell Davis7 jam yang lalu

    Remember resident evil 8

  12. SirDanny - Apex

    SirDanny - Apex7 jam yang lalu

    Welcome back to DOMBIES 😂

  13. AriThe Log

    AriThe Log7 jam yang lalu

    imagine if mrbeast comments on this video

  14. Riley

    Riley7 jam yang lalu

    He said optic been doing good LMAO Chicago optic?? Optic Chicago???

  15. DHOOM- z7

    DHOOM- z78 jam yang lalu

    Noah with glasses lol, 3 years, time flies man

  16. Rylee Chilcote

    Rylee Chilcote8 jam yang lalu


  17. Rudolph III

    Rudolph III8 jam yang lalu

    Ohh so chopper is THAT guy who don’t buy doors huh

  18. Simon Whitehurst

    Simon Whitehurst8 jam yang lalu

    Other people : i leave in 60s Me:oh 45mins thats a short one

  19. Cerberus

    Cerberus8 jam yang lalu

    I swear, chat has problems when it comes to demitrescu.........

  20. TheArcticWolf Games

    TheArcticWolf Games8 jam yang lalu

    Noah’s first thought after helping a beast is ‘can we ride it?’

  21. dinker Dan

    dinker Dan8 jam yang lalu

    Will you be playing subnautica below zero?

  22. Mustafa Mesud

    Mustafa Mesud8 jam yang lalu

    play karlson next

  23. Dalem Otter

    Dalem Otter9 jam yang lalu

    Police officer at noahs: " we've had some complaints from the neighbours about some screams coming from the house" Noah: "I'm just playing the new resident evil, pog"

  24. captianobvious

    captianobvious9 jam yang lalu

    For all of you who have trouble, you DONT HAVE TO DO THE ASSAULT WAVE Just leave😁

  25. Dalem Otter

    Dalem Otter9 jam yang lalu

    Through out this whole game noah has been referencing movies etc, and the one fourth of "the babeh" from shits creek is hilarous

  26. ANYTHING _idc_

    ANYTHING _idc_9 jam yang lalu

    Play some halo or make a halo channel

  27. beerbear10

    beerbear109 jam yang lalu

    I only made it to the 59 second

  28. Nicholas Wines

    Nicholas Wines10 jam yang lalu

    I would watch all of the games if coach Noah commentated on all the games

  29. uwish 2

    uwish 210 jam yang lalu

    I just want to thank you Noah for making many of my days a little more bareable than usual. Keep up the good work! Love from Sweden!🌷❤

  30. Ronald Yates

    Ronald Yates10 jam yang lalu

    First time doll shows up should have said “Lets Play a Game...”

  31. Joshua Tapia

    Joshua Tapia10 jam yang lalu

    I was pulling my hair out when they didn’t know to use a shield to get past the turret

  32. abel costilla

    abel costilla10 jam yang lalu

    This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen thank you Noah

  33. Aidan Heckel

    Aidan Heckel10 jam yang lalu

    When they finally realize what the shield was for it was actually hurting watching 😂

  34. 4TheGains

    4TheGains11 jam yang lalu

    Imagine living in a country that’s not self destructing because Biden isn’t your president

  35. EvanRP007

    EvanRP00711 jam yang lalu

    Screw that doll house man

  36. Darrion Christopher

    Darrion Christopher12 jam yang lalu

    I just downloaded this map couple days ago lol

  37. Michael Tang

    Michael Tang12 jam yang lalu

    The strong jute certainly increase because alloy conformably remain with a unnatural graphic. ripe, abnormal quill

  38. Uber Toshtosh

    Uber Toshtosh12 jam yang lalu

    the gulag, but instead of paintballs use police grade pepper balls.

  39. Stxr

    Stxr12 jam yang lalu

    Anyone see him grab 1000 at 4:15?

  40. Camden Brewer

    Camden Brewer12 jam yang lalu

    Video starts at 2:38 Noah, I love your content but please stop making your intros so long...the more you post videos, the longer your intros start to get. Can you just get right to the video please??

  41. Spy Cakes fan

    Spy Cakes fan12 jam yang lalu

    POG video.

  42. Nano Zapata

    Nano Zapata12 jam yang lalu

    1:32:21 just like irl

  43. InFamous Cibo

    InFamous Cibo12 jam yang lalu

    This is where primis went after dying

  44. Calvin Davy

    Calvin Davy12 jam yang lalu

    Love ur vids

  45. Jeffrey

    Jeffrey12 jam yang lalu

    Best map in BO4.

  46. Calvin Davy

    Calvin Davy12 jam yang lalu


  47. eyesick

    eyesick12 jam yang lalu

    where’s lexify been?

  48. Nomad noproblem

    Nomad noproblem12 jam yang lalu

    I’d love a remake of call of the dead

  49. Jay ayee

    Jay ayee13 jam yang lalu

    Other guy need to lay off the cocaine.


    SPCBRAWLERZ13 jam yang lalu

    All we needed was MrDalekJD and THE OG ZOMBIES SLAYERS WOULD BE IN THE HOUSE!!!

  51. Dylan Cannady

    Dylan Cannady13 jam yang lalu

    The agent didnt spawn for me to pick up 🙁🙁🙁

  52. lkmbtr

    lkmbtr13 jam yang lalu

    I can’t help but think Noah did that whole this is the end thing for attention and bring traffic to his channel. Very poor of u to do that Noah

  53. John James

    John James13 jam yang lalu

    Toronto GANG!!!

  54. ixKismet

    ixKismet13 jam yang lalu

    Gonna have to change that description to 10 mil

  55. Harry Nutz

    Harry Nutz13 jam yang lalu

    i was getting so mad when you weren’t using the shield to get past the turret lol

  56. Forensic Cannibal

    Forensic Cannibal13 jam yang lalu


  57. narbn

    narbn13 jam yang lalu

    Who else was screaming use the shield at the turret


    SNIPEYOUNOOBZ Yee13 jam yang lalu

    Am I the only one who keeps seeing this every few months watched 30 minutes of it and then rinse and repeat to watch Noah suffer


    GAMERGANG14 jam yang lalu


  60. Matteo Marrone

    Matteo Marrone14 jam yang lalu

    This game brings back so many memories

  61. TheBestGamer Forever

    TheBestGamer Forever14 jam yang lalu

    Map link?

  62. Carlosb

    Carlosb14 jam yang lalu

    Is that a truly sponsor 🤔

  63. l_myers14

    l_myers1414 jam yang lalu

    This is entertaining as always, but the craziest part is 15:13 when Noah doesn’t take the 100 from Double Tap

  64. HornetFN

    HornetFN14 jam yang lalu

    He makes this game look funnier than scary😂

  65. Sax Magic

    Sax Magic14 jam yang lalu

    i loce how fast hes talking lol

  66. MobVerse

    MobVerse14 jam yang lalu

    You just clickbaited a heap of people -1 sub

  67. xBlazi

    xBlazi14 jam yang lalu

    You should do shadows of evil speedrun for 1k with the boys because nobody's beating your insane strats for symbols

  68. bigslames

    bigslames14 jam yang lalu

    I like that you said that the 1st minute

  69. DSS ShadowShifter

    DSS ShadowShifter15 jam yang lalu

    He says "pog" so much wtf does that even mean

  70. Jody Hebert

    Jody Hebert15 jam yang lalu

    Game saying next to the follow me is the end for 5000 and walks right by it and says oh that’s not it he is brain dead

  71. pureblood ph3nix

    pureblood ph3nix15 jam yang lalu

    where do you find all these spreadsheets i cant

  72. Jay L

    Jay L15 jam yang lalu

    It was killing me how long it took them to think of using the shield😂

  73. TTV Glibby

    TTV Glibby15 jam yang lalu

    this was very Poggers

  74. Patriiot

    Patriiot15 jam yang lalu

    'Announcement NoahJ456' kinda be wearing lipstick though...

  75. Jonah Bird

    Jonah Bird15 jam yang lalu

    let's goo

  76. MrBall414

    MrBall41416 jam yang lalu

    why aren’t the spreadsheets publicly available bruh

  77. CadenTheGreenSign

    CadenTheGreenSign16 jam yang lalu

    hey noah subnautica below zero comes out tomorrow get ready m8

  78. Z0MBIEZ 420 SLAY EM

    Z0MBIEZ 420 SLAY EM16 jam yang lalu

    I paused and stoped watching after 1:17