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  1. Random Tube

    Random Tube4 menit yang lalu

    Now cut down a red oak tree with it and get back to me

  2. Pasta Bandit

    Pasta Bandit11 menit yang lalu

    Ok but are they comfortable

  3. Jeffrey Hill

    Jeffrey Hill14 menit yang lalu

    The best use of this hunk of fucking garbage is for AvE to use for opening boxes. Any other use is fucking stupid

  4. Doug Hdez

    Doug Hdez28 menit yang lalu

    Good trick to use when needed. Just don't make it the norm.

  5. Samuel Kibrom

    Samuel Kibrom32 menit yang lalu


  6. upbeatrawfish

    upbeatrawfish37 menit yang lalu

    Or just use hand snips, this is another tool that's a waste of time for any shop.

  7. Алексей Тарасов

    Алексей Тарасов47 menit yang lalu

    Я в первый же день пробью дырку в стене этим широком. Открывая дверь

  8. Seth Oakes

    Seth Oakes56 menit yang lalu

    Literally when would this be better than another tool that’s been made

  9. Skaek M.A.P.

    Skaek M.A.P.Jam Yang lalu


  10. Trent Dellinger

    Trent DellingerJam Yang lalu

    man i was hoping i could stick my foot in a pressure cutter😔😔😔

  11. attaullah khanktk

    attaullah khanktkJam Yang lalu

    Where can I find one?

  12. Cietumnieks

    CietumnieksJam Yang lalu

    Finally something that dose not creese

  13. Ominus_puffer 1299

    Ominus_puffer 1299Jam Yang lalu

    I think I hit my head

  14. Laura magagnoli

    Laura magagnoliJam Yang lalu

    Will that work for solid romex to

  15. King Kong

    King KongJam Yang lalu

    Fake , why u off camera for that split second before sticking to the wall ?

  16. ô¿ô

    ô¿ôJam Yang lalu

    Now you know why Kurt bailed.

  17. Americas Most wanted

    Americas Most wantedJam Yang lalu

    Than when some fools goes to remove it by hand it won't come off lmao

  18. Milos Zivkovic

    Milos ZivkovicJam Yang lalu

    Metabo is so much better than makita , i just hope it wont adopt car industry habit, that one important part is always dying..

  19. Daniel Beifong

    Daniel Beifong2 jam yang lalu

    Steel capped boots are a thing

  20. S

    S2 jam yang lalu

    Wasting fuel, time and effort, all at the same time. You really outdid yourself

  21. Zachary Gamble

    Zachary Gamble2 jam yang lalu

    Or you could just use a hammer

  22. SpicyBean Tofu

    SpicyBean Tofu2 jam yang lalu

    I've seen a foot used before.

  23. S K

    S K2 jam yang lalu

    Nope. It is only for the ones who do not know how to build wooden houses.

  24. Mr Mkay

    Mr Mkay2 jam yang lalu

    That's Biggie Smalls. But what's the name of the song

  25. Ranch Man Tubular Space Sausage

    Ranch Man Tubular Space Sausage2 jam yang lalu

    Just get a bigger box and stfu

  26. Janusz Polak

    Janusz Polak2 jam yang lalu

    Mógł równie dobrze od góry przeciągnąć przewód

  27. Free Life

    Free Life2 jam yang lalu

    Проще купить болгарку

  28. depravedmonk

    depravedmonk3 jam yang lalu

    Ancient tools :-) most people know nothing of this... Btw I have one over 20 years now

  29. Underrated Hype

    Underrated Hype3 jam yang lalu

    I personally had this tool and honestly I sold it a month later. This is made more for outdoors cutting branches off trees and shrubs etc. For construction it’s useless. There is no cooling mechanism for the chain so it’s over heats and breaks off the link. While outdoors whatever moisture is in the tree while cutting cools the chain down. Not only tang but you need a transformer because it runs on 240 instead of 120

  30. JSiah-

    JSiah-3 jam yang lalu

    This was a good one to watch. 👍

  31. Mitchell Sanders

    Mitchell Sanders3 jam yang lalu

    He acts like the board wasn't already split

  32. Operator Cheese

    Operator Cheese3 jam yang lalu

    Ya well can it survive a 105mm apfsds.

  33. Артем Вовк

    Артем Вовк3 jam yang lalu

    А причем тут этот трек )))

  34. Michael Brunton

    Michael Brunton3 jam yang lalu

    Best advice comes from the guy with 3 fingers

  35. Ryandoz Games

    Ryandoz Games3 jam yang lalu

    Record someone running into it next

  36. Rick O'Shea

    Rick O'Shea3 jam yang lalu

    Dollys....very very old news

  37. Rick O'Shea

    Rick O'Shea3 jam yang lalu

    Lose the music...thumbs down

  38. Idk what name should I put

    Idk what name should I put3 jam yang lalu

    Nobara need a new hammer

  39. Adrien D

    Adrien D3 jam yang lalu


  40. zaggaona

    zaggaona3 jam yang lalu

    These work boots can withstand a chainsaw....but keep it away from water lol

  41. L. Dv

    L. Dv3 jam yang lalu


  42. Me_TJ_&_MrB

    Me_TJ_&_MrB3 jam yang lalu


  43. TVP-RBE Watson, Jacque, Skinner

    TVP-RBE Watson, Jacque, Skinner4 jam yang lalu

    Please look up to "The Venus Project" it offers solution to most of the problems we face today.War, poverty, hunger, starvation, illnesses,unemployment, crime, deprivation, human suffering can be solved with THE VENUS PROJECT. It offers method to achieve better world.

  44. dancantstand

    dancantstand4 jam yang lalu

    Or just pay attention

  45. Ben Clarkson

    Ben Clarkson4 jam yang lalu

    Would last 2 mins… and only that long because nobody would use the door for the first one minute and fifty-nine seconds.

  46. Ayman Ahmed

    Ayman Ahmed4 jam yang lalu

    Water power

  47. eric ryals

    eric ryals4 jam yang lalu

    Everyone's helper. "Your drills in reverse"

  48. Самат Беккулов

    Самат Беккулов4 jam yang lalu

    У Моисея получается такая же штука была

  49. All Cars Matter

    All Cars Matter4 jam yang lalu

    Now do it again without pausing the video 🤨

  50. Warranty Killer Motorsports

    Warranty Killer Motorsports4 jam yang lalu

    Wtf was that lol

  51. Clea Sara Marinho

    Clea Sara Marinho4 jam yang lalu

    Minecraft vida real kkk

  52. Abdul Ahad

    Abdul Ahad5 jam yang lalu

    Background music is disgusting

  53. VanMan VanDan

    VanMan VanDan5 jam yang lalu

    Clever... I'll be doing this from now on. Thanks IDport'z!

  54. RadicalxEdward

    RadicalxEdward5 jam yang lalu

    I use a cordless dremel and the little rubber mandrel that those sanding tubes use wrapped in a layer of gaffer tape.

  55. Drone Force

    Drone Force5 jam yang lalu

    Fick the chainsaw test

  56. bharat hemwani

    bharat hemwani5 jam yang lalu

    This is good for making food


    TASLIM ARIF5 jam yang lalu

    Give him Oscar award for this packing

  58. Biggy Cheese

    Biggy Cheese5 jam yang lalu

    Why not just mow even I'm not that lazy and I'm the fatest and most retired rat

  59. merc 076

    merc 0765 jam yang lalu

    And still your gonna stub your toe on a goddamn curb and break your toe

  60. Gamezoner X

    Gamezoner X5 jam yang lalu

    I hope I don’t accidentally trip onto a water pressure machine and ruin my shoes

  61. Blank

    Blank5 jam yang lalu

    Bet it's bullet proof too

  62. ᚛ᚄᚑᚒᚎᚐ᚜

    ᚛ᚄᚑᚒᚎᚐ᚜5 jam yang lalu

    Kkk quando o cara meteu a motor serra ai eu acreditei que é resistente

  63. Liam Harbottle

    Liam Harbottle5 jam yang lalu

    Because we all want a permanent golf ball on the floor! 😂

  64. Daniel Lawson

    Daniel Lawson5 jam yang lalu

    We need more of this I. Our lives

  65. got em

    got em6 jam yang lalu

    making a nigga feel like moses

  66. Dr.Silence

    Dr.Silence6 jam yang lalu

    I learned something today

  67. Mauro G Moreira

    Mauro G Moreira6 jam yang lalu


  68. Kylze polaczkowaty

    Kylze polaczkowaty6 jam yang lalu

    Why murikans have these weak ass walls you can't even punch them without shattering them

  69. Lemonsausage

    Lemonsausage6 jam yang lalu

    Ah yes, drywalls. American inferior building art/"technology" .

  70. ꧁꧂

    ꧁꧂6 jam yang lalu


  71. Your's Awareness

    Your's Awareness6 jam yang lalu

  72. Pavel ZP

    Pavel ZP6 jam yang lalu

    А вот это зря показали!!!!

  73. K cat

    K cat6 jam yang lalu

    Like he thought he is the first one knowing this… come on even high school people know this

  74. Greg ShadowSmokersLegionOG10

    Greg ShadowSmokersLegionOG106 jam yang lalu

    So we're just all gonna act like the clutch isn't there

  75. Noah Meenen

    Noah Meenen6 jam yang lalu

    You use this song to much

  76. dxnti o

    dxnti o6 jam yang lalu

    Minecraft be like


    THE DJ GAMER6 jam yang lalu

    Fake 👎👎👎👎

  78. علاوي العراقيlRAQ

    علاوي العراقيlRAQ6 jam yang lalu


  79. DamplyDoo

    DamplyDoo6 jam yang lalu

    Cartoon music

  80. first name last name

    first name last name6 jam yang lalu

    Just put one of those rubber things on the handle or just install proper door stopper on the wall