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29 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Us
  1. zacks life gaming

    zacks life gaming19 jam yang lalu

    Im 4 days late and the time is 00:23

  2. gabe fimbres

    gabe fimbres19 jam yang lalu

    Instead of using the brightness to find troubled areas i turn off smooth lighting you could also combine this with the brightness setting for even better results.

  3. shitass

    shitass20 jam yang lalu


  4. Cooper Peters

    Cooper Peters20 jam yang lalu

    I wrote this comment with my left ring finger.

  5. Colten Campbell

    Colten Campbell20 jam yang lalu

    19s good and all... until the fox gets off the lead and runs off with your shulker box

  6. Abdillah X

    Abdillah X20 jam yang lalu

    You got a little bit subscriber

  7. Peter Contardo

    Peter Contardo20 jam yang lalu

    Actuselly i meds tgis conment snd kiked dubd and git rhe bel eith my elnow

  8. Michael Glenister

    Michael Glenister20 jam yang lalu

    This is the first non tutorial video of yours i've watched and you adding failboat gives me so much nostalgia from watching exploding tnt

  9. Jeriel Villaraza

    Jeriel Villaraza20 jam yang lalu

    Wow hes so different now hhhmmmm

  10. P.W. Studios

    P.W. Studios20 jam yang lalu

    i actually think the mending bow is the better option, since you don´t have to get all the other enchantments again

  11. WizeGoldMan

    WizeGoldMan20 jam yang lalu

    But how do you set up the redstone for that rabbit door?

  12. bjor197silje

    bjor197silje20 jam yang lalu

    Number 4 makes me happy because im sweden:)

  13. ThornDavis

    ThornDavis20 jam yang lalu

    Btw, TNT blends well with red wool

  14. Game Boy

    Game Boy20 jam yang lalu


  15. Darling

    Darling20 jam yang lalu

    if you dont want a trader's lamas to spit at you when you kill it, just use sand to kill it or lava.

  16. Corey

    Corey20 jam yang lalu

    much easier way to fill water is build a diagonal of ice and break them. 2 source creates another source and its a chain reaction. You can also place blocks and use buckets then break the blocks.

  17. Zrambo

    Zrambo20 jam yang lalu

    7:40 zelda majoras mask

  18. Seki Services

    Seki Services20 jam yang lalu

    You guys had technoblade on you’re side!

  19. Mel Nordyke

    Mel Nordyke21 jam yang lalu


  20. NightWolfYT

    NightWolfYT21 jam yang lalu

    I’d love to use my kneecaps to subscribe, but I took an arrow in the knee many years ago

  21. Mr Duck

    Mr Duck21 jam yang lalu

    12:29 sus

  22. Harry Potter

    Harry Potter21 jam yang lalu


  23. Stardragonflame

    Stardragonflame21 jam yang lalu

    POV: clicking this video again because the thumbnail changed

  24. Molten Ren

    Molten Ren21 jam yang lalu

    How- How do you even think you can censor a trident...?

  25. Jan-Willem Grimbeek

    Jan-Willem Grimbeek21 jam yang lalu

    I think the worst nonsense thing in Minecraft is the crafting recipe for doors vs trapdoors. Got 6 planks? Put them in a 3×2 formation, and you get THREE doors. On its own this is awful for being an uneven, unnecessary number, but what's worse is you take those same 6 planks and now put them in a 2×3 formation instead, and you only get TWO trapdoors. This is broken in so many ways and the more i think about it the more i hate it

  26. Jan-Willem Grimbeek

    Jan-Willem Grimbeek21 jam yang lalu

    Diorite>andesite. andesite is literally just weird stone, but diorite actually looks nice. And then there's granite...

  27. creeper660

    creeper66021 jam yang lalu

    0:59 + 20 Respect

  28. Kätie Thê Bøbä Lõvër

    Kätie Thê Bøbä Lõvër21 jam yang lalu

    wOw i'Ve aLwAyS wAnTeD tO rUiN mY fRiEnDsHiP iN mInEcRaFt-

  29. Ferret God

    Ferret God21 jam yang lalu

    *thrusts kneecap on computer moniter*

  30. Churchie 2003

    Churchie 200321 jam yang lalu

    13:40 theres still a world border??? whenever i go really far out in minecraft it just makes everything shaky and eventually makes gaps between bocks when there shouldn't be

  31. WitheredSlime

    WitheredSlime21 jam yang lalu

    you can already customize beds if you drop banners in them

  32. Max Noyes

    Max Noyes21 jam yang lalu

    "this belongs ina museum" flash backs to playing ezreal in league of legends

  33. Rickey Potter

    Rickey Potter21 jam yang lalu

    The shaggy trowel hooghly clip because replace regretfully fasten round a tart sister-in-law. unbiased, sophisticated french

  34. Chippy the mudkip

    Chippy the mudkip21 jam yang lalu

    I subbed with my kneecaps

  35. Pallawi Chaudhari

    Pallawi Chaudhari21 jam yang lalu


  36. Cyrus Sanders

    Cyrus Sanders22 jam yang lalu

    Skip the Tutorial: And make yo own *socially distanced* base... Me: Checks release date. Also me: How..?

  37. HoneyDaWolf

    HoneyDaWolf22 jam yang lalu

    Skip: Saying That These Are Illegal Me: See’s Skip Showing and doing the illegal stufff Me Again: Two Can Play in this game

  38. Notorious Lemon

    Notorious Lemon22 jam yang lalu

    Are we just not gonna talk about the piglin brutes....

  39. Hi there

    Hi there22 jam yang lalu

    Loss, really

  40. lol lol

    lol lol22 jam yang lalu

    How you make a map to look like a dimond

  41. ok henry

    ok henry22 jam yang lalu

    captions: TNT GAS CHAMBER

  42. ushnisha das

    ushnisha das22 jam yang lalu

    subscribed with my kneecaps

  43. George Louie

    George Louie22 jam yang lalu

    Lol backwards is still loL (good fact you most likely know)

  44. KingBacon

    KingBacon22 jam yang lalu

    Good that you added the sheep coloring thing, but you could also mention the thing where players color wool to make a bed instead of recoloring the entire bed and save 3x more colored wool (unless you have colored sheep from before)

  45. Hosman Solares

    Hosman Solares22 jam yang lalu

    Why do you have so many moms

  46. X5epsilon

    X5epsilon23 jam yang lalu

    me watching while eating an orange:

  47. Ordure Solitaire

    Ordure Solitaire23 jam yang lalu

    Me who have 0 friends: *sips nothing cuz i didn’t pay any bills* Interesting, darling.

  48. Lytro Soot

    Lytro Soot23 jam yang lalu

    I subscribed with my elbow

  49. lucateil 1

    lucateil 123 jam yang lalu

    Hey if you put carpet over a fence you can jump on it

  50. Gardeners Shop

    Gardeners Shop23 jam yang lalu

    No one can be tricked with just simply a blur censor, Skip.

  51. Evan Morales

    Evan Morales23 jam yang lalu

    You can try putting your stuff in shulkers then putting it in the chest on the lamma

  52. Zuza Gryszun

    Zuza Gryszun23 jam yang lalu

    ekhem ekhem- idk if anyone else wrote it, so: Skip The Tutorial is too handsome, and it's distracting!! xD

  53. cate jenkins

    cate jenkins23 jam yang lalu

    Him: you go to get a new pair of iron tools. Me: sees tools made out of netherite

  54. Katsuki Bakugou xoxo

    Katsuki Bakugou xoxo23 jam yang lalu

    the ender pearl and the heart of the sea are the same shape

  55. אחלאם אבו יאסין

    אחלאם אבו יאסין23 jam yang lalu

    If people are bored and they dont have minecraft they will be still bored

  56. Flamaire

    Flamaire23 jam yang lalu

    Honestly, when he was tellin that skeleton joke, I thought he was gonna say "bone meal"

  57. Hexagon Magic

    Hexagon Magic23 jam yang lalu

    Omg I just hit subscribe with my kneecaps bro

  58. Ren Briggs

    Ren Briggs23 jam yang lalu

    12:58 thAT LOSS

  59. Deadeye

    Deadeye23 jam yang lalu

    Why am I watching this?

  60. Daksh Indugu

    Daksh Indugu23 jam yang lalu

    I am a lefty so it’s ez

  61. Cole MacKenzie

    Cole MacKenzie23 jam yang lalu

    Finally, An actually decent building tutorial.

  62. Joe Traficante

    Joe Traficante23 jam yang lalu

    U play animal crossing

  63. CarrotVision3D

    CarrotVision3D23 jam yang lalu

    You can also just put a carpet on top of a fence. That allows you to jump on top while the mobs won't.

  64. ERELIX

    ERELIX23 jam yang lalu

    Of course very simple... 😅 Anyway very good video with useful things

  65. Phantom 10K

    Phantom 10K23 jam yang lalu

    I try to sub with my eyes closed but i accendienly clicked off the vid but i came back :)

  66. Lilmonster Leon

    Lilmonster Leon23 jam yang lalu

    The only time you wanna lose a pet if you are imp in among us is if it is mini crew mate or no one else has the same pet as you

  67. JaydenRae Lorenzo

    JaydenRae Lorenzo23 jam yang lalu

    My friend: puts magma blocks beneath my carpet Me who had frost walker 2 on my boots:

  68. Harry Tornado

    Harry Tornado23 jam yang lalu

    Here's one: Give yourself 1 day and 1 night to gather up resources and settle in a single chunk to never leave it again.

  69. Roman Pospelov

    Roman PospelovHari Yang lalu

    pls do a mobile version

  70. Triggered Skelly Boiii

    Triggered Skelly BoiiiHari Yang lalu

    John Wick approves the first one

  71. Savanna Dawkins

    Savanna DawkinsHari Yang lalu

    who disliked this video and why i totally understand you, you are never alone

  72. It's Jemmy

    It's JemmyHari Yang lalu

    >Animal Crossing New Horizons music in the beginning >Starts playing Pokemon HGSS music Boi, thanks for the nostalgia. Damn, I kind of miss playing that game, now.

  73. Ryan R

    Ryan RHari Yang lalu

    shame you never mentioned that directional camera tilt broke after 1.2.5 when singleplayer was (technically) removed, and now all singleplayer worlds are just local servers. That, and many of these are intentional

  74. Louis Robberecht

    Louis RobberechtHari Yang lalu

    sure wrong (Your wrong)

  75. Blurpled Blurred

    Blurpled BlurredHari Yang lalu

    Or just make a ender chest.....

  76. Alyssia Lopez

    Alyssia LopezHari Yang lalu


  77. LallohyperTV

    LallohyperTVHari Yang lalu

    6:28 did it just burn