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Dante VS Bayonetta | DEATH BATTLE!


  1. Demolition Gam3r

    Demolition Gam3r4 jam yang lalu

    Imagine if Dante had his Sin Devil trigger

  2. Young Queazy

    Young Queazy11 jam yang lalu

    Well to be fair bayonetta outclasses dante in one thing bayonetta was as said able to kill God him self despite being 100% human dante as far as my knowledge gose was only able to simply defeat mundus with the help of trish,the power of spardas sword and his demonic heritage and the closest he got to defeating someone like God was rather mundus or the savior good fight though I loved it

  3. Young Queazy

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  4. Matthew Griffin

    Matthew Griffin13 jam yang lalu

    Okay so to summarize the basic arguments in the comments. ROYAL GUARD! can more or less just win end of story. Bayonetta has an item that gives her a similar ability but it doesn't have the counter attack feature making it inferior. And because of that any Bayonetta weapon choices are kind of irrelevant. Speaking of weapon choices I heard a lot of people kind of sad about Dante not getting a whole lot of his arsenal but to be fair (including devil May cry 5) he has 3 different weapons that are literally just Ifrit with a different element attached. Another thing I've seen multiple times is just imagine if this was devil May cry 5 Dante. Which is fair SDT is a lot more powerful than probably most other things in the series. Like Virgil has an SDT so that's about equal... More likely than not it's way more powerful than Sparta. And that's without even mentioning it has an attack similar to holy water built into it so that's pretty cool. But the capital who would win if we're using every single feed in every single mechanic in their games to their fullest extent... Royal guard. Bayonetta could literally be in the state where she fused her hair with Jean and killed God but that's an attack that can be royal guarded.

  5. DoeToKnow

    DoeToKnow16 jam yang lalu

    Imagine if this was made post dmc5 when Dante had SDT

  6. Taylor seiya

    Taylor seiyaHari Yang lalu

    Muy muy bien Dante es Inmortal

  7. Michael Dkhar

    Michael DkharHari Yang lalu

    Dante vs saitima The one man punch.. nxt plz

  8. Semaj Fishers

    Semaj FishersHari Yang lalu

    Um Dante mother was a angel

  9. Caleb Teka

    Caleb Teka2 hari yang lalu

    They should do Nero just imagine that

  10. Allan Perez

    Allan Perez2 hari yang lalu

    I miss this sort of 3d battles from them. The latest link vs cloud rematch was close but still not quite there ish, for me

  11. the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd

    the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd3 hari yang lalu

    Dante vs Kratos please? (Note: yeah, Dbx did that already but not in the main battle) Lol

  12. Marvy Dado

    Marvy Dado3 hari yang lalu

    Dante finding Trish dead: Trish noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  13. FrennyC

    FrennyC4 hari yang lalu

    Meanwhile Ren Amamiya watching this battle:Mom, WTF :|.

  14. amazing sin

    amazing sin4 hari yang lalu

    Dante be like what'd the job ah just another Tuesday

  15. brotaku draws a things

    brotaku draws a things5 hari yang lalu

    Is no one gonna talk about how he can't use his clone style in devil trigger, as well as time stop? Or that Jeanne and Bayonetta could just summon Queen Shiba and punch him with a force stronger than God? Enjoyable fight tho, except for the ending

  16. Cameronium

    Cameronium6 hari yang lalu

    Bruh, at 15:52 she was pretty free to cut his head off, when he didn't pull out the gun yet. i can see you haven't play bayonetta but the animating was so nice, keep up the good work!! Personally i don't think they can beat each other tho.

  17. Cameronium

    Cameronium4 hari yang lalu

    @NãoAquiÉoPatrick! i understand you haven't play bayonetta, and deathbattle also haven't, but still like you said it really is hard to compair. Bayonetta has capability of turning into a group of bats which simply after she gets hit if not kill her instantly, avoid all the damage taken (kinda broken but the true is Bayonetta is the game where we play a completely playfully dominating character, not one who try hard and overcome powerful evils, that's why she also...) headbutts a skyscraper with ease, uses her hair to create( not just to control beasts from another dimention) a godlike human-shape thing that punched world's creator once sent it through 8 planets of the solar system into the sun in the last chapter of Bayonetta, after that she jumped back to earth ( still looking beautiful :3), and of course she doesn't need air to live :v. After all that god-like capability tho, i still think if it's not a space fight, Dante still may have some ways to survive. if one more critical thing be considerate, that "witch time" means witches put themselves into the dimention where normal time doesn't exist, which quite similar to literally "stop time", but can't be countered any ways different from itself ( 'cause it's not normal "stop time"), then dante is i think, will lose. But really i enjoy the two worlds as themselves, two different ways of characters development. i never compare them until now and i think this kind of thinking kinda ruins the games, and is quite dumb too, like comparing einstein and newton, people living in different worlds literally.

  18. Cameronium

    Cameronium4 hari yang lalu

    @NãoAquiÉoPatrick! i just mean that was a mistake in the script or maybe Bayonetta feel like playing a bit more so she waited for Dante to react.

  19. Ghostgunace67

    Ghostgunace675 hari yang lalu

    Dante is not immortal, no where in the series is that ever mentioned or shown. Being harder to kill is not proof of immortality. At the end of the 3 we see Vergil cut Dante's hand as he falls and the cut lingers. Even in 5 we see Dante got knocked out for a month by a punch, Urizen got his hand cut and didn't heal it instantly, and in ultimately got stabbed with the wound not healing. Anyone saying Dante is immortal adopting a conclusion that is not well supported.

  20. NãoAquiÉoPatrick!

    NãoAquiÉoPatrick!6 hari yang lalu

    because A: Dante would've dodged either way because of his fast reaction time, the reason he didn't dodge when she stabbed his arm is because she didn't see it coming, but since he's looking directly to her any move would result in her getting shot or dodge the bullet and not be able to cut his head right away. B: Dante is immortal thanks to the Human and Demon blood running in his veins, when he fought Vergil for the second time in DMC3 at Teme ni gru's lower area (Teme ni gru serves as a gate between the human and demon world, vergil wanted to break the seal and go to the underworld so he could get his father's sword and become powerful, Dante had to stop him or humanity would've been doomed), they fought until they got tired and both of them cut their chests with the sword, not just a stab, they literally swinged their swords and cut throught their chest area, they didn't even got visible marks, not to mention at the end of DMC3, dante again cut throught Vergil's chest and he only lost a lot of blood, which made him get tired, but not cut in half or killed. and C: Bayonetta is technically stronger than Dante, but they key thing here is: Dante CAN NOT die, while Bayonetta is faster, dante is more resistant, which means the moment she lowers her guard she's dead. and let's not even talk about DMC5 dante, SIN DT would straight up insta kill her.

  21. Marvin Yalung

    Marvin Yalung6 hari yang lalu

    This is one of the worst deathmatch. They should be on a tag team

  22. Lz Killer7

    Lz Killer77 hari yang lalu

    I love how at 17:15 they took the time to make the missile pattern the same way it is in dmc4

  23. Blake Brown

    Blake Brown7 hari yang lalu

    ironic that years later, the first time dante meets trish after waking up and using sparda in dmc5, was when he cut a thrown bike in half with it. Much like trish did in this video :V

  24. itadori yuji

    itadori yuji7 hari yang lalu

    when do dante have the yamado?

  25. Sashimi

    Sashimi7 hari yang lalu

    Lady d in a death bat- oh wait that's bayonette.

  26. Rahmat Ademuyiwa

    Rahmat Ademuyiwa8 hari yang lalu

    no you got it wrong bayonetta just goes super fast not stop time

  27. Ghostgunace67

    Ghostgunace677 hari yang lalu

    @ThePrequel’sWereGood See above.

  28. Ghostgunace67

    Ghostgunace677 hari yang lalu

    There’s a scene in Bayonetta one where she first meets Jeanne as Bayonetta is being driven by Enzo. Jeanne later escapes by speeding up time so that a Truck passing by moves at ‘normal’ speed from the point of view of Bayonetta, covering Jeanne as she moves away. With this I’m more inclined to believe it’s time manipulation as opposed to manipulation of movement. Bayonetta has been ‘caught’ in time holds from her foes and then later breaks the hold so that she resumes moving at normal speeds.

  29. ThePrequel’sWereGood

    ThePrequel’sWereGood8 hari yang lalu

    It’s really confusing because mostly everywhere from death battle to smash ultimate it states that she slows down time, but then there’s another half where it states that she goes very fast. I would not know if she really slows down time or goes super fast.

  30. Takeshi Kujo

    Takeshi Kujo8 hari yang lalu

    Am I the only one who thinks ‘Jackpot’ and ‘Bullseye’ should have been switched around in the fight?

  31. Mooga Mooga

    Mooga Mooga8 hari yang lalu

    Can someone do the math? How tall was the tower they fell/fought from?

  32. Boss Star

    Boss Star9 hari yang lalu

    "Monkey witch!" has to be my favorite line in this video.

  33. David Ordaz

    David Ordaz9 hari yang lalu

    destroy his heart and dante dies

  34. Vergil The Dark Slayer

    Vergil The Dark Slayer4 hari yang lalu

    @Ghostgunace67 Nice attempt at downplaying what Nero lost. He lost Devil Bringer and Yamato, both being his source of power. And Again fainting is given leeway throughout fiction, regen rarely participating in it, characters like Wolverine or Hulk getting knocked out simply even though they can recover from brain damage, or Majin Boo getting incapped by Beerus. In the Novel you can calculate what a character spent time doing during Qlipoth incident. Did you miss when I say they possess physical objects to exist in the Human Realm?? Also ghosts being able to interact with physical world doesn't mean physical can interact with ghost, thats the most mundane generic depiction of ghosts poltergeists accross fiction. They don't need specific techniques or whatever to kill them. Soul hax and Regen Neg is natural on their physical attacks, like poison arrows for example, two mutually exclusive object( poison and arrrow) but existing with each other simultaneously. Also I have feats to back me up and all you can do is vain attempt to throw shade at them. The point you made is Irrelevant. I did not once bring up Bayo in my comment anytime, what she can do, what she can resist, her power or durability, , whether she wins or not etc.....whatever it is I don't care. I was more so correcting inaccuracies of Dante and Power Mechanics of DMC verse then anything involving Bayo. I have seen you peddle inaccurate and twisted facts about DMC throughout the comment section not just here, I just felt to correct it in this instance( God knows why🙄, I never comment on YT videos). If I wanted to debate Dante vs Bayo I would have participated in any other spicier comments. Precious Tears is a side material which gives author comments on various aspects of DMC1. The regen feats for both Nelo Angelo and Mundus regenerating from souls come from here. And also funnily enough the long controversial Universe Creation for Mundus is positively confirmed here, no need for Kamiya twitter😂. Only bummer is its Japanese and needs to be translated to read. With that I'll end.

  35. Ghostgunace67

    Ghostgunace674 hari yang lalu

    @Vergil The Dark Slayer *"Nero regenerates from puddle quite distinctly after separation on his own. Don't mix them, they are mutually exclusive. Its his personal feat unaided by anything else."* Again, he lost his arm and fainted from it. This wouldn't be an issue if what you said was true. And again we see even stronger opponents fall to conventional attacks even though they have the ability to regenerate and in fact do mid battle. The series makes it very clear that if they take too much damage they will fall, the case that you're making that all demons can regenerate from being reduced to goo is not very strong. *"Urizen was toying with Dante, Trish and Lady for hours in novel."* Where? *"Sid regens from blood puddle."* Sid is the only one to have demonstrated this, so the ability is specific to him, and even then he gets defeated regardless. The issue is you claim that all of the demons who regenerate are defeated because the cast can negate regeneration yes? I'm saying there's not much to suggest this other than your word. Yes they are spirits, but they can still interact with the real world as if they were real physical beings. They get defeated because they get shot up, smashed and sliced to the point to where they can't recover anymore. Many demons have different thresholds for this, but ultimately that's usually what happens. There's nothing saying that Dante and friends are using specific techniques or powers to specifically negate regeneration and then they kill them. *"Soul hax is why Cast is able to permanently kill demons."* By shooting bullets into them and slicing them, yes. If soul hax is this, then I guess I agree. Doesn't say much about how he would do against Bayonetta though. *"All I can say to this is Strawman and False Equivalence. I find no similarity with what you mentioned here with my points."* The point I was making is the case you make is not very strong, just as my example was. Even if you say Dante has resisted power null, I can just simply say not from Bayonetta. But then by going through this route it goes down a rabbit hole that ultimately becomes pointless because nothing quantifiable is being discussed, the conversation ends up going no where. *"Mundus has feat of recovering from complete destruction of body in Precious Tears Jap raws"* I don't know what you're trying to tell me here.

  36. Vergil The Dark Slayer

    Vergil The Dark Slayer4 hari yang lalu

    @Ghostgunace67 Your point on Nero/Saviour is complete strawman. Nero regenerates from puddle quite distinctly after separation on his own. Don't mix them, they are mutually exclusive. Its his personal feat unaided by anything else. Urizen was toying with Dante, Trish and Lady for hours in novel. He never even wanted to kill them. He was even capturing Dante untill Trish saved Dante with Sparda sword. None of your points deny the existance of these regeneration feats. As for regen neg, even fodder demons like Frosts have molecular regeneration, being able to recreate body from scattered molecules(stated in game files in both 1 and 4). Get completely negged by the Cast. All demon bosses have ability to form physicality from souls, as shown when they become Devil Arms which something physical which even humans can touch. This completely negged by Cast. Beowulf, Cerberus etc. Hell Berial has feat in novels for completely forming body from soul. All Mundus Generals are core based demons, core being their souls as explicitly mentioned in VoV manga, these guys can regenerate from their souls. Get negged by Cast. Argosax is made up of these demons explicitly, mentioned to have their biology and powers. Same regen. Get negged by Dante. Mundus has feat of recovering from complete destruction of body in Precious Tears Jap raws. Regen from soul. But in this case Dante is unable to neg it. Dante negs Sids regen when he is serious at end of battle, when earlier he reduced him to blood when fooling around but Sid regens from blood puddle. About Soul hax, well first and foremost majority of demon population is evil spirits, evil spirits that come to human world to possess inorganic material to exist. Quite literally Edo Tensie from Naruto. All get negged by Cast. Soul hax is why Cast is able to permanently kill demons. Soul hax in DMC is as natural as in Bleach or Yu Yu Hakusho or Soul Eater. Also mechanics of fights between Sparda bloodline, don't work same as Dante fighting someone else. So I don't see why you keep using it as rule when they are exception. You can use them for Judgement of their abilities, but not an end all and be all, especially since they are perfect counters to each other. Conclusion, all that i mentioned is tied into physiology of Demons, Stronger Demons have better haxxes and resistances. (Pls don't strawman me with Power can overpower hax, DMC ain't Dragon Ball. Power is only indicator of hax not a reason or cause.) When you start noting down all feats from early series till end, from journey of weakness to strength, all that I have mentioned is what conclusion you end up with. The potency of their hax increases with each installment adding more feats and lore, Dante from DMC3 doesn't have same potency of hax as his older powerful self. Also I don't know why you keep strawmanning me, I never said he is immune to damage, and unkillable. I don't know why you keep mixxing power and durability into hax and physiology. All you claim I have never said. _________________ All I can say to this is Strawman and False Equivalence. I find no similarity with what you mentioned here with my points. Also just to entertain this, Dante has dealt with and resisted Power Null and Magic Destruction. So moot point.

  37. Ghostgunace67

    Ghostgunace674 hari yang lalu

    @Vergil The Dark Slayer *"All examples you state are instances of soul hax and regen negation."* You're using circular reasoning to argue your point. At no point does Dante nor Vergil show they can negate regeneration which doesn't involve applying damage. Arkham got his hand sliced by the Yamato and was able to re attach it, only to be defeated later. There was no negation there. Urizen stabbed Dante with a vine in his abdomen yet the wound sealed, only for Dante to be punched out and knocked out for a month, on life support by the qlipoth. The fact that Dante regenerated at all contradicts what you say. The savior has the ability to absorb people, yes. Nero coming back from that is proof that he can be rescued after being taken by the savior, and so far has *only* been demonstrated by the savior. This is a special circumstance that happened because the savior was involved, that doesn't mean that you can now suddenly conclude that Dante and the like can regenerate from being a puddle as a general ability. In this matchup of Dante vs Bayonetta, there is no savior, and it's likely that neither posses the ability to do what the savior does, so it will not likely be replicated by that fight. We know Dante has a healing factor because he demonstrates it again and again, just as we see that Bayonetta has durability. It's been demonstrated. What hasn't been demonstrated is immunity to damage or being able to reform from nothing, and indeed with 5 we see the opposite is true. Sustained damage will likely drop Dante. *"Nero vs Vergil was never about killing eachother dunno why bring it up."* Because whether Vergil was trying to kill Nero or not, it was heavily implied that Vergil was not holding back, especially when we see that in one of the grapples, Vergil impales his son. There's very little to suggest he's holding back. In other words Vergil was using Sin Dt and Nero was still able to fight him off, something which would be impossible if what you claim is true, that SDT could instantly negate damage. ----- _Below is an example of circular reasoning._ This would be like me claiming Bayonetta has nearly infinite power, and was holding back the entire time and is only fooling around when she loses, because she likes to be playful before she wins, and after Bayonetta 2 she became a god because she has magic and learned a lot by fighting Aesir. It doesn't have much proof, but because it's 'possible', than it is assumed to be true going by this logic. Or me claiming that Bayonetta can negate demon magic (she destroys demon barriers by shooting them) and therefore could one shot Dante because he uses demon powers to enhance himself. I don't think this is actually true but many ridiculous things can be justified by circular reasoning. This conversation becomes a lot less convoluted if we use quantifiable feats as a basis.

  38. Vergil The Dark Slayer

    Vergil The Dark Slayer4 hari yang lalu

    @Ghostgunace67 @Ghostgunace67 All examples you state are instances of soul hax and regen negation. Something they do with each conventional attack naturally. Dante getting knocked out doesn't help you much, such things happen in fiction, no big deal. Thats why Dante can kill Vergil, thats why Urizen didn't regenerate. Nero vs Vergil was never about killing eachother dunno why bring it up. Nero not being able regen his arm becuz, duh Devil Bringer, its a devil arm not a simple arm he can regenerate willy nilly. It wasn't untill end of the game when character development allows him to outgrow the use of Devil Bringer does he regenerate a normal arm. As for Nelo Angelo, unless you are stronger, have soul hax and regen you ain't defeating him, let alone kill him. Uuuhhhh, did you forget how he was separated?? Ge was dead inside that thing, his identity indifferent from any other random demon whose body and soul was melded. Dante was literally hopeless about his saving Nero, he expressed it himself, all except for conceptual powers of Yamato which saved the day. Dante mentions thats its the only way to save Nero. All of this didn't change the reality that after being separated Nero regenerated as described by himself.

  39. Mister Cat

    Mister Cat9 hari yang lalu

    Bayo has Time controll and a cgild of Destiny to destroy the world. Bayo 3 is not even out yet.

  40. Maximilian Hiekel

    Maximilian Hiekel11 hari yang lalu

    A Crossover of those two would be the best thing in the wourld

  41. Tevin Goree

    Tevin Goree11 hari yang lalu

    i bet people who hated bayonetta in smash 4 are happy with the out come

  42. Niantica

    Niantica12 hari yang lalu

    Man, I was expecting Dante to win and say "Jackpot." I guess it's not too bad. But jackpot would've been better than bullseye

  43. luis rodriguez

    luis rodriguez14 hari yang lalu

    Too bad this was made before dmc 5 came out

  44. Roman Francis

    Roman Francis13 hari yang lalu

    Wouldn’t that just make it worse? Dante in base at the end of DMC 5 is stronger than Devil Trigger DMC4 Dante

  45. Carlos Espada

    Carlos Espada14 hari yang lalu

    Dante is just AWESOME


    LEO PANTAS14 hari yang lalu

    God bless Torrian for giving us like 6 minutes of animation


    CZERO/FOOL14 hari yang lalu

    DMC5: This best game I’ve played! How’s Bayonetta 3 looking so far. Platinum Games: Bayonetta 3 is doing *GOOD.*

  48. angelkarmaakabane

    angelkarmaakabane15 hari yang lalu

    What is the song called when they fight

  49. Hunter

    Hunter16 hari yang lalu

    Oh this is gonna be a *hot* take, I can feel it

  50. netanel mullokandov

    netanel mullokandov17 hari yang lalu

    so who can nero fight? cuz i wanna hear devil trigger in a death battle so bad

  51. Yacit Molina

    Yacit Molina17 hari yang lalu

    This is what Dante could have done cut of her hair And then she would die Of embarrassment

  52. Grbd Doof

    Grbd Doof17 hari yang lalu

    Doujah Raze Find You OST From The game Max Anarchy/Anarchy reigns

  53. Michael Cortez

    Michael Cortez18 hari yang lalu

    This is dumb! Dante can easily win smh...

  54. Daniel Slost

    Daniel Slost18 hari yang lalu

    No es por ofender a los creadores el video estuvo bueno pero estuve investigando, Y en realidad bayonetta es mas poderosa que dante Igual estuvo rebueno

  55. The Gaming Robin 2000

    The Gaming Robin 200018 hari yang lalu

    Haters gonna hate but us true DMC fans know *Royal guard beats all*

  56. The Gaming Robin 2000

    The Gaming Robin 200015 hari yang lalu

    @Ghostgunace67 shush, too many letters, eat pizza

  57. Ghostgunace67

    Ghostgunace6715 hari yang lalu

    @The Gaming Robin 2000 Hate has nothing to with it. You said royal guard beats all yes? It didn’t beat Urizen, therefore the statement is negated. It’ll increase defenses if properly applied sure, but that’s not the same as infallibility.

  58. The Gaming Robin 2000

    The Gaming Robin 200015 hari yang lalu

    @Ghostgunace67 like I said Haters gonna hate

  59. Ghostgunace67

    Ghostgunace6715 hari yang lalu

    Except Urizen and apparently gravity (since Dante falls down a hole in 4, proof he can be caught off guard and therefore hit). In 3 he gets tagged several times despite having it.

  60. Tristan Tran

    Tristan Tran18 hari yang lalu

    13:52 I like the reference to Dante vs Nero fight

  61. Lame Boi

    Lame Boi18 hari yang lalu

    6:49 look at the captions

  62. AudioBooksBD

    AudioBooksBD18 hari yang lalu

    Great! animation

  63. Vladimir VGD

    Vladimir VGD20 hari yang lalu

    Patriarchy wins

  64. J. Perkins

    J. Perkins22 hari yang lalu

    Let's look at the homework. Dante has been kicking Demon Booty since 2001. Has had 5 games, and multiple Cross overs. Bayonetta has only had 2 games (where the hell is 3 at) and her crossover on Smash from 2015 to current. Dante has been at this a little longer than her, but I think they would make a Damn Good Team up!! Her Thiccness with his wise ass remarks would make a great team. LOL

  65. Prince Teclis

    Prince Teclis21 hari yang lalu

    Dante has also had various tie in novels and manga alongside the games.

  66. Stephen Lucas

    Stephen Lucas23 hari yang lalu

    Bayonetta: Reality includes Time. Dante: Time Huh thanks for the tip. 14:44

  67. MortalKiller1000

    MortalKiller100023 hari yang lalu

    The gap has widened even more with the introduction of Sin Devil Trigger

  68. bentlisaurus79

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    15:45 down special

  69. The General

    The General23 hari yang lalu

    Trish: "It's her the witch." Dante: "Do I proceed?" Trish: "Yes. She is still..." Dante: "*Only human.*"

  70. Chewy Wolf

    Chewy Wolf24 hari yang lalu

    bayonetta is really out if character here alone with jeanne

  71. Marius

    Marius25 hari yang lalu

    to this day my favourite deathbattle

  72. b4keShake

    b4keShake25 hari yang lalu

    Bayonetta: wha-what?! How can you do this Dante: Triangle Triangle Circle

  73. George Whaley

    George Whaley25 hari yang lalu

    It went from a classic Death Battle to something similar to the late Monte Oum's Dead Fantasy. Multiple styles of combat: Check. Multiple weapons in personal arsenal: check. Capability to withstand great levels of damage: Check Outstanding levels of awsome: Check.

  74. daniel MDR junius

    daniel MDR junius26 hari yang lalu

    Dante's overview: he have ROYAL GUARD

  75. Vlog Mania

    Vlog Mania26 hari yang lalu

    Are they gonna ignore 666 is the devils number and dante even killed satan in his most recent game

  76. Prince Teclis

    Prince Teclis21 hari yang lalu

    Hell, in DMC canon, demon weapons are named after the demons they were previously and Dante had a weapon called Lucifer in DMC 4.

  77. -ugly animation-

    -ugly animation-26 hari yang lalu

    the mussic theme when dante finish bayonetta is actually satisfying

  78. -ugly animation-

    -ugly animation-26 hari yang lalu

    Dante can easily win the battle , but he want the battle last longer for fun

  79. Chris Corum

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  80. lucas wtvr

    lucas wtvr28 hari yang lalu

    ok cool battle but listen to this: what about DMC5 Dante vs GOW4 Kratos?

  81. Roman Francis

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    Maybe next year

  82. Emmanuel Dubuisson

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    Never thought witch girl vs that dante guy from whatever franchise can have a really cool battle

  83. god of oblivion

    god of oblivion28 hari yang lalu

    Wish you guys did guts vs dante next but you guys did amazing at making this fight


    TANVIR ARIF28 hari yang lalu

    She can be a ambro witch but dante is the dark knight's son.


    TANVIR ARIF28 hari yang lalu

    She messed with the wrong man. The son of sparda

  86. Jasper Walker

    Jasper Walker28 hari yang lalu

    OK so what happened to the other chicks?

  87. Ceaser 212

    Ceaser 21228 hari yang lalu

    Yeah I just don't see Bayonetta putting Dante down for the count at all. The reason why Vergil's such a tough opponent for Dante isn't just that he's basically a counter for him, but because he can give as good as he gets. Their fights always end up being a battle of attrition to see who can take more blows. Bayonetta can land good hits on Dante but if he tags her once she'll feel it. Not to mention that this was when his Majin form was canon so even if she did manage to take him down, she'll basically just turn him into a demon God that can take more hits than before. This battle was really a test of durability.

  88. Alexander Luthamatrix Bambiwaddlefeet III

    Alexander Luthamatrix Bambiwaddlefeet III28 hari yang lalu

    Bayonetta: This must be the last boss. Dante: 'Tis only but wednesday.

  89. Trần Tuấn kiệt

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    Imagine if this was DMC 5 Dante That sin devil mode is gonna WRECK Madamme Butterfly

  90. Bruno Duarte

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    althoug dante would not kill her because dante dont kill humans

  91. Some Guy

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    Bayo had the skills of Dante could die she could’ve had him

  92. habijjj

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    They should revisit this deathbattle after beyonetta 3

  93. Michael Ortiz

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    Winner gets in PSASBR Loser gets in Smash

  94. Pat Murph

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    Fair enough

  95. Devil Senpai

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    Dante is so bad ass I knew he would win😁

  96. Samuel Yepes

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  99. Elix Guevara

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    Gustavo The Dentist FringBulan Yang lalu

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  101. World's Coolest Person

    World's Coolest PersonBulan Yang lalu

    I get that they feel the need to give characters all the weaponry and abilities they’ve ever had, but that would require Dante to be a responsible adult, which is super out-of-character for him. The guy canonically pawns off his devil arms after each game for rent money. It wouldn’t surprise me if he just forgot how to use Quicksilver because he never needed it. Also, conjecture aside, don’t Bayonetta’s powers come from the most powerful demons in hell? That’s basically like turning Mundus into a pet, and we all know Dante only won against him with the help of Trish and the DSS. Yes, I know he got a power boost in 5, but still. I’m just saying that this is a lot closer to a 50/50 fight than comments are giving it credit for.

  102. Cortez Baker

    Cortez Baker13 hari yang lalu

    @Ghostgunace67 okay ghost.

  103. Ghostgunace67

    Ghostgunace6713 hari yang lalu

    @Cortez Baker Getting a general power boost without context doesn’t tell us anything on how strong a character is compared to another. Bayonetta in less time and fewer games does more than what Dante does in feats.

  104. Cortez Baker

    Cortez Baker13 hari yang lalu

    Actually Dante got a power jump in the DMC2 novel. If we count that along with his two boosts from DMC5 it's more of a 80/20 chance.

  105. Ghostgunace67

    Ghostgunace67Bulan Yang lalu

    @Elapid Python *"go watch episode 12 again Abigail leveled the city around 5 to 6 minutes into the episode"* Most of the buildings were still standing by the end when the sun comes up. Go back and see. If you can't find it I can link it if youtube allows it, otherwise I can just refer it by key words. *"and Dante has shrugged off medior bombardment in one of his weakest incarnations "* Flame projectiles created by Mundus, which did even less than Abigail did and not even make a crater. The most we see in the Mundus fight were stone platforms the size of vans being destroyed. Actual meteors can vary in power, but there's nothing suggesting that they were as strong as Bayonetta hitting the building. *"out no that was a prolonged fight with his true rival who had essentially been juicing on steroids that where on crack and the actual punch did not even kill Dante it just knocked him out "* My point still stands. The video made the implication that Dante was immortal and that Bayonetta had no way to beat him. 5 proves this is false, even after they got access to Sin Dt because in the end Urizen was beaten by conventional attacks and there was the implication that Vergil and Dante would have killed one another had Nero not interfered in the main storyline. *"so no that it is flat wrong that a single punch can take Dante out because that fight was not just a single punch in the same way that Arkham"* He became rejuvinated with the power of Sparda and had enough power to go DT when previously he didn't in cutscenes. There's not much indication that Dante was so weak that Urizen couldn't have done the same thing if Dante did not fight before, and even then, if not in 1 punch then maybe 2 or 3. Either way, it didn't take a prolonged attack to defeat Dante. And again, my point still stands. We clearly see Dante will fall to conventional attacks if Dante takes enough damage.

  106. Elapid Python

    Elapid PythonBulan Yang lalu

    @Ghostgunace67 bayo is straight-up inspired by real-life witches who get their power from the demons they make contracts with that is the way it works irl and the games back this up with the idea that the witches have to kill angles or there souls will get dragged to heal this is a deal they made for power and if they break the deal they have to face the consequences this idea is set up in the prolog for Bayo 1 "After a prolonged power struggle with Abigail which at most left a large crater on top of the building. " go watch episode 12 again Abigail leveled the city around 5 to 6 minutes into the episode that is far more than simply a large cater on top of a building "she was able to toss back an entire building" and Dante has shrugged off medior bombardment in one of his weakest incarnations "Even in 5 we see that a single punch if sufficiently strong can take out Dante" and finally, the punch in 5 was after Dante fought his way through a big demon tree and was his third go at Urizen in the span of like 3 minutes it was not like Dante just walts in and got punched out no that was a prolonged fight with his true rival who had essentially been juicing on steroids that where on crack and the actual punch did not even kill Dante it just knocked him out so no that it is flat wrong that a single punch can take Dante out because that fight was not just a single punch in the same way that Arkham did not beat Dante Vergil and lady with a single kick there was a whole build-up that you have chosen to ignore

  107. Raven Escobar

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  108. Actually Not Satan

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  110. twojac 20

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  111. Roman Francis

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    @nobody that’s a remake/rematch, a remaster is just updated graphics

  112. Wajiha Mughal

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  113. twojac 20

    twojac 20Bulan Yang lalu

    @nobody perhaps or their writing department got better and got a better budget

  114. nobody

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    maybe if bayo got a 3rd game

  115. Ed Paras

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  116. Ezequiel Navon

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  117. tonybuk70

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    i hate this video. dante is only tough in cuscenes in game he is the world weakest pussi assed character ever who dies in 2 hits. making this video pure BS

  118. tonybuk70

    tonybuk7013 hari yang lalu

    @Cortez Baker i dont care what pussi moves hes got he still dies in 2 hits and is therefore a bit sh iiit e

  119. Cortez Baker

    Cortez Baker13 hari yang lalu

    You: Ugh, Dante dies in two hits, he's such a pussi. Dante: Has royalguard and trickster, regenerative healing in dt, has two health bars via blue orbs. Yeah homie, I think you're just bad at the game.

  120. tonybuk70

    tonybuk7022 hari yang lalu

    @Elapid Python maybe, but we also proved that 1 you dont know what youre talking about and 2 dante is a pussi

  121. Elapid Python

    Elapid Python23 hari yang lalu

    @tonybuk70 anyways I think my first point still stands your just bad at the game

  122. tonybuk70

    tonybuk7023 hari yang lalu

    @Elapid Python wrong. sin scythe will do it in 2 hits no problem, these even a video on you tube /watch?v=bjIP-fmlCQw 2.08

  123. Jackson Alexander

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    Baylnetta could’ve won if she didn’t take so much shots

  124. Joey idc

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    She's very lucky it wasn't Devil May Cry 5 Dante

  125. Samuel Guevara

    Samuel GuevaraBulan Yang lalu

    This guy is so dumb, bayonetta killed God, twice I might add, a mere demon slayer would be nothing for her.

  126. Cortez Baker

    Cortez Baker25 hari yang lalu

    Not well-versed in DMC lore are you?

  127. Samuel Guevara

    Samuel GuevaraBulan Yang lalu

    This guy has obviously not ever played bayonetta, "Dante can take a bullet", and "bayonetta can only dodge for so long", are you dumb or something, her bullets are not just bullets, madama butterfly is not just a demon, she can literally stop time,that "even the playing field" crap is bullcrap, the thing about witch time is that it slows down reaction time, which means bayonetta would be able to get multiple hits on Dante before he even had a chance to negate it,, and in the end, he probably wouldn't even know what happened, because bayonetta kept knocking him over before he had a chance to do anything,and she is the overseer of darkness,she killed God twice,, a mere demon slayer would be nothing for her,, if anything Dante would be lucky if he didn't die in the first 15 minutes

  128. Ghostgunace67

    Ghostgunace6728 hari yang lalu

    @nobody Dante lost to Urizen despite having royal guard, and takes hits after he gets Sin Devil Trigger. Royal guard doesn’t make Dante invincible. Witch time also slows down time more effectively than quicksilver going by feats. Quicksilver demonstrated the ability to slow down falling debris, while witchtime has done the same thing to bullets, a much faster object. So quicksilver should lose out to witchtime. Dante was also put into a month long coma from a punch, so the fact the he’s unbeatable also has no basis.

  129. nobody

    nobodyBulan Yang lalu

    Obviously U have not played devil may cry as dante could have won this fight using nothing but quicksilver and royal guard. Also Dante has an insane regeneration and speed which is shown through out the games

  130. PsychoAnalysis27

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