[Artist Of The Month] 'Watermelon Sugar' X 'BLOW' covered by TXT YEONJUN(연준) | July 2021 (4K)

[Artist Of The Month] Harry Styles 'Watermelon Sugar' & Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Chris Stapleton 'BLOW' covered by TXT YEONJUN
[아티스트 오브 더 먼스] Harry Styles 'Watermelon Sugar' & Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Chris Stapleton 'BLOW' covered by TXT 연준

7월의 아티스트로 돌아온 빅전연 최연준🙆
춤출 때 날아다닌다는 거.. 바로 이거거든..
( 1:58 ) 연준이가 또 스춤 찢었네( ˘ ³˘)

* Original Track
- Harry Styles 'Watermelon Sugar'
- Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Chris Stapleton 'BLOW'
* Choreographer: Son Sung Deuk, Lee Byung Eun
* Dancer: TED, BLACK.Q, KINKY, BONO_RYU, jjongii, Myungchul Joh, lily, chemi
* Acrobatic: Baek jae woo, Cho nam gyu, Lee woo bok, Lee jin soo

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    AFECKTOS4 menit yang lalu

    Str3am moaa!!


    AFECKTOS4 menit yang lalu

    Watermelon Sugar ah ~

  3. Lunar Nightingale

    Lunar Nightingale24 menit yang lalu

    Come on MOAs! Let's get this masterpiece to 10M soon!

  4. Nazaha Noushad

    Nazaha NoushadJam Yang lalu

    the vi3ws are barely moving :/

  5. divina nox

    divina noxJam Yang lalu


  6. Sk Afnan

    Sk AfnanJam Yang lalu

    Ooo man it's enough to kill someone 🔥😵🤒

  7. En Tong Yap

    En Tong YapJam Yang lalu

    Here again ~

  8. mika naomi

    mika naomiJam Yang lalu

    Damn this is insane. I know he has the talent and the charisma but damn this hits different. I watched TXT videos sometimes bc i was curious about bangtan’s junior, so ever since debut, i watch their mvs and listen to the whole albums. But i really don’t have the time to watch other videos like this bc i was focusing on their music at that time. You know, idols practice choreos for this special number but the whole thing… it felt so.. on another level. On a level which he can only do. it just shows he’s really the artist of the month. He really claimed that title with this showcase. He really did so well! But ngl i feel like he can really do more than this which makes me feel goosebumps. Can’t imagine how much effort he put on this!!

  9. Shadow13

    Shadow13Jam Yang lalu

    Thanks for the great comment, I agree that we haven’t really seen the full potential for not only Yeonjun but all of the TXT members. That’s what I think makes this group pretty exciting.

  10. aquus

    aquus2 jam yang lalu

    Highhhhh 🔥 🔥 🔥

  11. Shadow13

    Shadow132 jam yang lalu

    5,722,283 Hi MOAs

  12. samiha fahmida

    samiha fahmida2 jam yang lalu

    he's so amazing....

  13. Vanessa Nielsen

    Vanessa Nielsen2 jam yang lalu

    oh my this is awesome!

  14. vanxllabin

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  15. Sathing Lalrinzami

    Sathing Lalrinzami3 jam yang lalu

    Beautiful dance yeaah🥰 Yeonjun oppa Fighting So so so cool😍😍 Saranghae txt❤️

  16. STAN Txt

    STAN Txt3 jam yang lalu


  17. Jazmin Abigail Galindo

    Jazmin Abigail Galindo3 jam yang lalu

    El paso que hace yeonjun cuando se tira al piso con estilo, intente hacerlo pero me doble la pierna jajajajajaja ay .. xd en fin yeonjun sige creciendo te mereces el cielo.

  18. theo

    theo3 jam yang lalu

    oh to be reincarnated as that guitar

  19. char b

    char b3 jam yang lalu

    6M soon!! let’s work hard moa!!

  20. me myself

    me myself4 jam yang lalu

    4th gen it boy fr

  21. Hobi luv sun

    Hobi luv sun4 jam yang lalu

    . . .

  22. Soobinnie ~

    Soobinnie ~4 jam yang lalu

    Ay algo que este muchacho no haga bien?

  23.  🛸 Silvio 💙

    🛸 Silvio 💙4 jam yang lalu

    te amo Yeonjun!!

  24. Shreya Negi

    Shreya Negi4 jam yang lalu

    Everybody watch it :) our 4th gen it boy

  25. Soobinnie ~

    Soobinnie ~4 jam yang lalu


  26. Nakintu R

    Nakintu R4 jam yang lalu

    I love him so much

  27. YeOut_Cookie

    YeOut_Cookie4 jam yang lalu

    best dancer me thinks

  28. serenad

    serenad5 jam yang lalu

    watermelon sugar, high💃

  29. moaforever

    moaforever5 jam yang lalu

    V!ews are moving now yay dont give us moa!!

  30. lalasiren

    lalasiren5 jam yang lalu

  31. Maila Joy Cantoja

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  35. Najya Kaira

    Najya Kaira6 jam yang lalu

    please stream!!

  36. Putri Damayanti

    Putri Damayanti6 jam yang lalu

    Blow !!!

  37. Stream 0x1 Love Song I Know I Love You TXT Freeze

    Stream 0x1 Love Song I Know I Love You TXT Freeze6 jam yang lalu

    Yeonjun mükemmelsin...

  38. Lore Lore

    Lore Lore6 jam yang lalu

    5,709,143 ~

  39. Iylen Yuson

    Iylen Yuson6 jam yang lalu

    I will never get bored watching this, yeonjun best man😌

  40. Vaiga A.S

    Vaiga A.S6 jam yang lalu

    The ones who disliked it don't understand the hardwork

  41. Amanda Kim

    Amanda Kim6 jam yang lalu

    You are forever in my heart

  42. Herlina Mootalu

    Herlina Mootalu6 jam yang lalu

    Yeonjun artist of the year of the decade

  43. Farisa Aulia Rahma

    Farisa Aulia Rahma6 jam yang lalu

    sampai sekarang masih kek waww... kalau lihat ini

  44. Titi Aulia

    Titi Aulia6 jam yang lalu

    Balik lagi

  45. Sara Azul Ruiz Carlos

    Sara Azul Ruiz Carlos6 jam yang lalu

    0:06 escucho "el problema es que no oigan" 😂😂

  46. Anahi MOA

    Anahi MOA7 jam yang lalu

    Ahhh como disfruto de este performance

  47. Febrina Choi

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    Entah udh kebrpa hari ini aku mampir~

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    Let’s get to 10 milli

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    @Febrina Choi ???

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    Ini taya?

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    Yuk MO semangat

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    semangat guyss

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    i am waiting for minaaaaaaa

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    58M soon~

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    taem00n7 jam yang lalu

    the beessttt ❤❤❤

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    Yeonjun me deja sin respiración

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    Yeon bibi7 jam yang lalu

    'Fun' fact: we are SLOW slow 😪

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    Yeonjun Darling

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    Njun kecee

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  64. Lucky Musukwa

    Lucky Musukwa8 jam yang lalu

    I didn't this guy was this good in choreo

  65. Titi Aulia

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    Ayang njjun


    ONE DREAM8 jam yang lalu

    Ikan hiu makan dinamit, pkokny kita harus merit jun.

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    Im bc

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    yeonjun kecee

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    Katningning8 jam yang lalu

    5.8 million v13ws before 12am kst please

  75. Judith P.

    Judith P.8 jam yang lalu

    Yeonjun is so talented and cool. I'm always so proud of him.

  76. jefferson idol aranda asis

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  77. Engel Laisina

    Engel Laisina8 jam yang lalu

    Day 16 of watching this video, EVERYDAY :)

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    Love u yeonjun

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    Danilo Magallanes9 jam yang lalu

    yeonjun why you killing us whenever we come back here again~♡

  82. Danilo Magallanes

    Danilo Magallanes9 jam yang lalu

    How am I so addicted to this?♡

  83. Ro aa

    Ro aa9 jam yang lalu

    His moves and facial expressions....he isn't a rookie anymore. I'm just sure that he's gonna be such a successful idol in few years (as he should)💙

  84. Pallavi Verma

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    been repeating this video a lot

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    To all the moas that dont sleep and do stream all night, rest and try to be healthy too, bye.

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    apa kalian masih semangat?

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